After paying all your pet insurance premiums, the last thing you want is to be hit with a big excess charge if you claim. Here's how you can find the best low excess pet insurance policies.

If you want to make sure your pet is insured should it ever fall ill or require surgery, but are worried you may not be able to afford to pay the excess if you do claim, pet insurance with a low excess might sound like an ideal solution.

While it is possible to find low excess deals, policies offering pet insurance with no excess aren't currently offered by insurance companies.

Cover quality is more important than cost

A cheap pet insurance with a low excess policy might sound like a great choice, but it's worth remembering that the features included with the policy are more important than the cost.

Ensuring your pet is adequately protected is paramount, as there's no point compromising on the quality of the cover for the sake of a cheaper deal if it means your pet is unable to get the treatment it needs in the future.

Choosing to reduce the excess that you'll pay if you claim will increase the cost of your pet insurance premiums, meaning you pay more up front.

Conversely choosing to pay a higher excess could see your premiums become cheaper.

Work out the right level of cover

When you compare pet insurance with low excess deals you'll find that there can be key differences between each one and the features included.

Although many companies offer similar aspects like help with vet fees, advertising for lost pets and third party liability cover, the amount of money offered for successful claims varies, so you'll need to decide how much cover your pet needs.

To find the right low excess pet insurance in the UK, you must consider a number of things when comparing policies including the type and breed of pet you have, its age, typical vet bills you may have to pay and the area you live in (i.e. is it near a busy road/traffic?).

Use a credit card to pay the excess

Once you've found the right pet insurance policy, if you're still concerned about the excess, one option you may want to think about is using a low interest or 0% purchase credit card to cover the cost.

Using a 0% purchase deal would help you spread repayments, while a low interest card could be useful for general use and give you time to pay the balance without being hit by steep interest charges.

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