How Can Help You Choose the Right Financial Product

by Hannah from

From credit cards and savings accounts to mortgages, current accounts and everything in between; we have all the tools you need to find the right financial products for your circumstances in minutes.

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Here's how to use to find the best deals out there:

1. Discover

The first step is deciding exactly what you need your new financial product to do. Think about how you'll use it, what you'll need to use it for and how you'll want to manage your account.

Our Guides and Action Plans are packed with essential information that will help you make an informed choice.

They also reveal any sneaky charges, awkward terms and conditions and sly bank tricks that you need to know before you start comparing what's out there so are definitely worth a read.

You can put any questions you have to the community and they'll share their knowledge and experience with you too.

2. Search

Once you've decided exactly what you want your new financial product to do, the next step is to search.

We list more products in our money comparison tables than any other financial comparison site so you have your pick of the market - but don't just go for what seems to be the best buy as it may not be the best option for you.

Use one of our ready made comparison tables to compare similar financial products at a glance, and use Advance Search to customise comparison tables so they only include products that match your exact requirements.

3. Compare

Compare a short-list of the products you're interested in side by side and see how they suitable they are feature by feature.

What's more, click on the 'view details' link to the right of a financial product and we'll show you everything you need to know about it - including details of any introductory offers, interest rates, fees and restrictions.

4. Apply

Once you've found the financial product you want to apply for you simply need to click.

This will take you straight to the provider's website where you'll be able to apply direct.

Make sure you double check the Application Criteria before you click through so that you maximise your chances of getting accepted for the product that you want!