The Best Blackberry Apps for Money and Finance

OurGroceries Shopping List

1. OurGroceries Shopping List

The ultimate family efficiency tool. The OurGroceries app synchronises your regular shopping lists amongst everyone's devices, so if you've run out of eggs, add it to the list and hopefully your significant other will pick them up on his way back from work (and they don't even need a Blackberry to do this). The speed at which you can add and drop things from the list is impressive, as are the supplementary features such as recipe creation and Internet backup of all your lists.

Cost: Free
Everyday Use Rank: A+

Pros: Really well designed more functional than a shopping list app should be.
Cons: You can have as many lists as you want, but you can't categorise them.

My Mileage Tracker

2. My Mileage Tracker

There are plenty out there and My Mileage Tracker certainly isn't the cheapest, but it goes above and beyond the call of duty with great configuration options and desktop synching. Although it has a wealth of tools and setting to play with, at the same time it is fast and efficient to interact with. The desktop application is a very useful addition to the bundle.

Cost: £7.95 from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: A+

Pros: Jam packed with features.
Cons: Whichever way you butter it, it's nearly £8 for a mileage tracker.

Mobile Checkbook

3. Mobile Checkbook

The near-universal praise from people who have downloaded the Mobile Checkbook app is not only astounding but entirely justified. You can now throw your physical cheque book out of the window (figuratively, at least) as this app makes keeping track of withdrawals, deposits and payments an almost instantaneous process. In addition to the unbelievably speedy design, it can theoretically support infinite accounts.

Cost: £3.99 from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: A

Pros: Hassle free and good backup features.
Cons: Doesn't synch with online banking.

Ascendo DataVault Password Manager

4. Ascendo DataVault Password Manager

If you have a lot of accounts, passwords and PINs, you not only want something that can remember them all for you but also something which is ultra secure. Ascendo DataVault ticks all the boxes and is immensely easy to set up and gives you instant access to all you card numbers and everything else you could possibly need. Great features include desktop synchronicity and the option to import data from browsers and other online wallet-style tools, and the backup function is handy to have for peace of mind. A truly brilliant data protection and timesaving tool which more than justifies its heft price tag.

Cost: £23.85 from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: B-

Pros: The best program of its kind on any platform.
Cons: You saw the price, right?

Forbes Mobile Reader

5. Forbes Mobile Reader

Need to keep your finger on the pulse? The Forbes Mobile Reader downloads all the latest headlines and full-text articles, as well as providing live stock quotes and weather reports straight from the front screen (net connection not necessary). The best thing is that you can set filters so you only receive the quality content which is of interest to you, negating the need to trawl through long news feeds.

Cost: Free from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: C+

Pros: It's from Forbes, so the quality is self-evident. Also, very quick to load and features the ability to save articles for later.
Cons: The Facebook share feature seems to break quite often.

MobFinance UK

6. MobFinance UK

The US edition performed so well that developers EMOBISTUDIO created this portfolio manager for UK Blackberry users. The app is a powerful tool for investors who want to stay connected to the London Stock Exchange at all times, with stock quotes, live charts and related news headlines available at the touch of a button. It also features strong analysis features and feels exactly how a finance app should - reliable.

Cost: £8.00 from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: C

Pros: A no-nonsense piece of essential kit.
Cons: Not the prettiest of interfaces, but functional.

 Exgis Time and Expense Pro

7. Exgis Time and Expense Pro

There are a number of expense trackers out there which do the job well, with apps such as the simply titled Expense Recorder performing the basic functions amicably. However, if you're a business professional or contractor looking for an expenses program with a bit more depth, you'll want to download the Exgis app before you next head out the door. A great set of features and customisation coupled with superb functionality make this a winner.

Cost: £7.95 from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: C

Pros: The most powerful expenses program we've come across.
Cons: Probably a bit heavy for casual use.

Auto Loan Calculator Pro

8. Auto Loan Calculator Pro

The ALC Pro is a very neat app for working out repayments on a car loan and, ultimately, whether you can afford it. The graphical representations are also worth checking out as you tweak the terms of the loan or different cash down payments. In short, it has a brilliant interface, is fast and comes packed with features.

Cost: £3.19 from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: C-

Pros: Does the job marvellously.
Cons: None at all.

Mortgage Refinancer Pro

9. Mortgage Refinancer Pro

While no decision as big as refinancing a mortgage should be taken lightly, this app can simulate various hypothetical situations to see what works out best. The interface is nice to work with and it can deal with a range of scenarios - perfect for figuring out your individual needs (and developer Davide Perini has a range of other mortgage related calculators).

Cost: £2.39 from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: D+

Pros: Tackles such a complex concept with ease.
Cons: Assumes you've never missed a mortgage payment when calculating.


10. Kcast

All of the precious and base metal market prices (as well as oil) is delivered direct to your palm with this excellent investment app. It's highly customisable and the information is easily accessible, not to mention automatically updated. It also comes with a wealth of historical charts for trending data - quite a niche app, but an essential one for anyone who relies on up-to-date pricing in the metals and oil markets.

Cost: Free from BlackBerry World
Everyday Use Rank: D-

Pros: All the information right on the fly. Great presentation.
Cons: Doesn't have many bells and whistles.

Posted by Hannah