Halifax Total Mortgage Protection Plan

Full product details for the Halifax Total Mortgage Protection Plan life insurance policy, including application criteria, policy details, cover, funds, guaranteed insurability, premiums & fees, claims, exclusions and conditions.
This product is no longer available...
Halifax no longer provide any life insurance. Compare life insurance from other providers, or use the options to the right.

Halifax Total Mortgage Protection Plan Features & Benefits

Type of CoverTotal Mortgage Protection Plan 
Life Insurance TypeDecreasing Term Life Assurance 
Minimum Age18 years 
Maximum Age for New Cover54 years 
Age Cover Expires69 years 
Max Life Cover400,000 
Maximum Term40 years 
Maximum Child Age18 years 
Single Life Coveryes 
Joint Life First Death Coveryes 
Joint Life Cover with Seperate Benefitsno 
Whole of Life Coverno 
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Compare Halifax Total Mortgage Protection Plan With These Life Insurance Policies

Partnership Level Term Assurance

  • This life insurance policy gives a minimum protection of 1.
  • You enjoy 50 yrs max term.
  • You will benefit from limitless max life cover.
  • Get a minimum period of 1 yrs.

Prudential Comprehensive Cover

  • You get full earnings protection cover from this Comprehensive Cover.
  • 5 years minimum period is offered with Comprehensive Cover.
  • Get notice period for claims of 6 months.
  • Get number ASU cover from Prudential.

Scottish Provident Self Assurance Term - Mortgage

  • A 1 minimum benefit is available.
  • The life insurance policy offers notice period for claims of 13 weeks.
  • Get a max age for guaranteed insurability of 54 years from the life insurance policy.
  • Maximum term of 40 years.
  • 5 yrs minimum length is offered.

Aviva Guaranteed Whole of Life Plan

  • This life insurance policy offers a minimum period of 0 yrs.
  • Get a maximum life cover of 5,000,000.
  • 70 yrs maximum age for guaranteed insurability.
  • 1 minimum insurance is available with this life insurance policy.