If your tenants are injured or their belongings are damaged while they live at your rental property, they could take legal action against you and claim compensation.

Landlord liability insurance can cover the cost of these expensive claims and offer you valuable legal help.

What does it cover?

It covers claims made by your tenants for injury or damage to belongings if your property is unsafe. For example, if a tenant trips on loose carpet and falls.

A landlord liability policy can cover:

  • The cost of compensation awarded to your tenants

  • Your legal costs

  • Your tenants' legal costs, if you are found to be at fault

Why do you need it?

If your tenant takes legal action against you and a court rules in their favour, it could cost you thousands of pounds in compensation and legal fees.

You can pick one of the following landlord liability limits:

  • 1 million

  • 2 million

  • 5 million

1 million is usually enough, but pick a higher limit if you let several properties or if your managing agent needs you to have a set amount of cover.

How to find cover

Get as many quotes from different insurers as possible, so you can compare cover options and find the policy you need at the cheapest price.

Use this comparison to find the best landlord liability insurance for you. Check that you can afford the excess on the policy, as this could be as much as 500 depending on what cover you need.

Landlord liability insurance FAQs


Will liability be included with my landlord insurance policy?


Yes, most landlord insurance policies include liability cover as standard. You will have the option to choose your cover limit, usually up to 5 million.


What if my tenants have an accident that is not my fault?


Your tenants can only take legal action if you fail to maintain or repair the property. Your insurer can advise you if your tenants have a valid claim.


How many times can I claim on my landlord liability policy?


You can claim as often as you need to, as long as you do not exceed the limit of liability, for example 1 million.


Can I claim after my landlord liability insurance has expired?


Yes, if previous tenants take legal action after your policy has expired, you can still claim as long as the incident happened during your period of insurance.


Do I have to pay an excess?


Yes, you have to pay a fixed amount towards each claim. This could be as much as 500, so check your quote for details before you buy your policy.


How can I pay for my policy?


You can pay monthly, or in full with a debit or credit card, cheque, or bank transfer. Paying monthly may cost more, so ask your insurer for details.