Problems with a boiler can leave your tenants living in an unacceptably cold property with no hot water.

So, many property owners include landlord boiler insurance with their buildings or contents policy. But what does boiler cover for landlords do? And how do you go about finding this type of insurance?

Comparing landlord insurance for boilers

It's rare that you would buy stand-alone landlord boiler insurance. Most people who benefit from this cover add it as an optional extra to their landlord buildings and contents policy or benefit from it being included within their existing cover.

Landlords central heating insurance will normally cover gas boiler and boiler pump repairs, repairs to the property's heating system and any related electrical or plumbing issues.

It's a great way to ensure you're not out of pocket in the event that emergency boiler repairs are needed to your rental property.

There are two main reasons you'd want to get landlord insurance for boilers.

Firstly, it ensures that the cost of boiler repairs is met meaning you don't have to fund all the work yourself.

Secondly, it helps remove the hassle of having to find a gas or boiler engineer at short notice to fix the problem.

If you want to include this cover on your insurance policy, take the following into account when you're comparing your options:

  • Some policies have a limit on the number of boiler claims you can make in any year

  • Some have maximum limits on the amount that you can claim for boiler or heating repairs

Finding cheap boiler cover for landlords

If you are looking for landlord boiler insurance then it will pay to compare cover between providers.

Get various quotes from different insurers before you buy as this will help you to ensure you get the right landlord boiler insurance for you.

If you're buying boiler insurance alongside a standard landlord insurance policy make sure you check the other policy features too.

Comparing quotes online from a number of insurers will help you save money on landlords insurance cover as you will be able to compare prices and policies to find the best option for your circumstances.

When comparing landlord insurance, make sure boiler cover is included if it is a priority to you.