Comprehensive home insurance is vital for any homeowner, but perhaps even more so for landlords and landladies who place their property in the hands of their tenants.

Buy to let home insurance is specifically designed to protect your property from any potential mishaps that might occur while it's rented out on the open market.

Here's how to find the best buy to let property insurance at an affordable price.

Set your cover limits

Before you start comparing insurance features you need to establish the amount of cover your property needs - remember the cheapest buy to let insurance deals may not automatically be the best choice.

Check how much your property would cost to re-build from scratch and set this as your level of buildings cover, if you are letting a furnished property you'll need to add up the value of your belongings and use this for your contents limit.

If you are letting an unfurnished property you only need to worry about having sufficient buildings cover when conducting your buy to let buildings insurance comparison.

What cover features do you need?

As well as standard cover most buy to let property insurance policies will offer a selection of extra areas of cover you may need.

Rent guarantee cover

This type of insurance offers protection should your tenants default on their rent.

Available either as an added extra, or as standard within more comprehensive policies, this cover could be vital if you rely on rent to pay your buy to let mortgage or as a second income.

Accidental damage

Like a standard home insurance policy, accidental damage cover is not included in a landlord insurance policies.

Weigh up whether you need accidental damage cover for your buildings, contents or both and the extra cost of this cover if it's not automatically included when comparing buy to let quotes.

Excess levels

Setting a suitable maximum excess level on your buy to let home insurance policy is essential, set it too low and your quotes will be more costly, accept a high excess and you'll be left out of pocket if you need to make a claim further down the line.

Weigh up both these factors and choose an affordable excess level for both your contents and buildings buy to let insurance.

Find the cheapest price

Once you know the level of cover you need you can start looking for cheap btl insurance quotes that give you the protection you need.

Use our buy to let insurance comparison table to check the insurance features of each policy and to get insurance quotes directly from each insurance company.

Conducting your buy to let home insurance comparison in this order will mean you know that all the quotes you are offered will give you the cover your property needs.

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