Use this comparison to find the best landline tariff by looking for the inclusive calls you need at the lowest monthly price.

Think about how often you use your phone so you can find a deal that is right for you.

Compare landline deals

Look at as many different tariffs as possible to find the cheapest deal, and compare:

  • Line rental charges: This is how much you pay your supplier each month for the use of your landline. Prices vary so look for a tariff with the cheapest line rental.

  • Call rates: This is how much you pay for calls not included in your tariff. They vary depending on the time of day and the number you call, so check any call charges before you sign up.

  • Connection costs: This is how much you pay for your provider to set up your landline, for example if there is no working phone line at your home. Some companies charge more than others, so look for a tariff with no charge.

Switching your landline is easy but make sure you are not tied into an existing contract, because you may be charged to cancel.

Get a tariff with inclusive calls

You can choose between:

  • Weekend, which gives you free calls on Saturdays and Sundays

  • Evenings and weekends, which gives you free calls after 7pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays

  • Unlimited, which gives you unrestricted calls at the times specified by your tariff, e.g. unlimited evening and weekend calls

  • Anytime, which gives you free calls at any time, all week

Avoid paying extra for inclusive calls you do not need and opt for a package that gives you what you want at the lowest price. Here is how to choose the right landline tariff.

Landline FAQs


Do I need a landline?


You might need a landline to get broadband. Here is how to decide if you need a landline.


Can I keep my phone number if I switch?


Yes, most phone providers let you keep the same number if you move your service. However, check before you switch to make sure.


What is line rental?


It is the monthly charge you pay to your provider for the use of your landline. This forms the main part of the monthly cost of your phone.


Do I need an unlimited tariff?


If you make a lot of calls, an unlimited package could save you money. However, could cost you more if you do not make the most of the calls.


Can I get free calls to mobiles with my landline deal?


Most providers charge extra to add free calls to mobiles, but some offer it within the price of your package. Compare providers to get the best deal.


Can I get my landline and broadband from the same provider?


Yes, most companies offer a discount if you take out more than one service with them. Compare broadband and phone deals.