Prudential Comprehensive Income Protection Cover

Full product details for the Prudential Comprehensive Income Protection Cover income protection policy, including application criteria, policy details, cover, premiums & fees, claims and exclusions.
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Prudential Comprehensive Income Protection Cover Features & Benefits

Cover Typeincome 
Minimum Age16 years 
Maximum Age59 years 
Maximum % of Income Covered60% 
Maximum Annual Cover200,000 
Fast Quoteno 
Minimum Monthly Premium10 
Redundancy Coverno 
Hospitalisation Coverno 
Rehabilitation Coveryes 
Guaranteed Premiumslevel/decreasing 
Number of Exclusions0 
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Compare Prudential Comprehensive Income Protection Cover With These Income Protection Policies

Bright Grey Personal Protection Menu

  • Get increase & decrease protection alterations permitted from Bright Grey.
  • You get minimum policy duration of 5 years.
  • New customers get 12 months relapse duration from this income protection policy.
  • Maximum houseperson cover of 16,800 is available.

Legal & General Income Protection Benefit

  • 150 max hospitalisation cover is available with the income protection policy.
  • Relapse duration of 12 months is available to you.
  • Customers will get increase & decrease benefit alterations permitted.

LV= Flexible Protection Plan - Budget

  • Get a minimum policy period of 5 years from the Flexible Protection Plan - Budget.
  • The LV= income protection policy has 18,000 maximum houseperson cover.
  • This Flexible Protection Plan - Budget has an increase & decrease protection alterations permitted.
  • Get 6 months relapse duration from LV=.

Exeter Family Friendly Pure Protection

  • 5 yrs minimum policy length is available.
  • This income protection policy offers a relapse duration of 6 months.
  • Increase & decrease cover alterations permitted is available to new customers.

RBS Income Protection Plan

  • Max houseperson cover of 15,000 is available.
  • Minimum policy period of 5 yrs is available.
  • Increase & decrease protection alterations permitted is available with this income protection policy.
  • You will have the benefit of relapse time of 12 months.

Scottish Provident Self Assurance Term - Mortgage

  • Minimum policy term of 5 yrs is available to new customers.
  • Get 12,000 max houseperson cover.
  • You get 12 months relapse duration from this Self Assurance Term - Mortgage.
  • You can get increase & decrease cover alterations permitted.