However, although you might not be able to take your pick of all of the insurers on the market, you will still be able to find a few different companies willing to protect your property and its contents.

Specialist home insurance covers many different scenarios; if you aren't sure whether you need non standard property insurance take a look at the information below.

What does non standard insurance actually mean?

Non standard home insurance is a term often bandied around by those in the industry, but unless you are familiar with the jargon you may be a little bit confused by what this actually means.

Non standard home insurance is a phrase which can cover many different types of properties, including those of a specialist construction of some kind.

For a house which has steel or timber frames or some other type of non standard construction insurance might be difficult to obtain from mainstream providers for instance.

Similarly, for those with a flat roof insurance could also take some time to find. And thatched buildings insurance has become a real niche product, with many companies no longer offering the cover because it is simply too complex to properly assess.

However, it doesn't just mean home insurance for non standard construction; it could also refer to properties who are higher risk in other ways.

Homes which are in an area prone to flooding or have indeed experience a flood themselves in the past will need expert assessment and specialist cover.

Likewise with any property which has been underpinned because of subsidence; many standard insurance companies will either reject the application or increase the premium by so much that it becomes difficult to afford; again this is where specialist non standard insurance cover comes in.

Don't give up: you can insure non standard properties

Insurance can seem like a minefield if you aren't experienced and wading through oceans of fine print is not most people's idea of fun.

Although of course if you are having problems sleeping, you should find yourself miraculously cured!

Use a comparison table to find insurers that will cover the specialist risks your property poses instead and then simply compare the policies that they offer.

This way you only need to get quotes from insurers willing to offer non standard building insurance, so you can compare prices for policies that you'll be eligible and see at a glance the type of protection they provide.

Properties shouldn't have to all be identical so enjoy your individuality and find an insurer who thinks the same way!

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