Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, constantly lugging your instrument around from one place to another, can increase the chances of damage.

The good news is that it's possible to get musical instruments insurance to cover your instruments. However, there's a few things to bear in mind; we run through the basics of musical insurance.

Different types of music insurance cover

Not all policies were created equal so it's important to check what type of cover you would have under any musical equipment insurance you are thinking of purchasing.

If you need public liability insurance for music events, the more comprehensive types of cover will include this but the more basic policies may not.

For a performing musician public liability insurance is an essential, just in case the worst happens before, during or after a performance.

Whether you are a solo musician or in a band public liability insurance of at least 1 million should be the minimum amount of cover you should look for. 2 million or 5 million is a better level of cover to have, wherever possible.

Accidental damage, loss and theft should be included as standard in almost all types of musical instrument insurance, again you'll need to check how much cover you get and whether there are any limits or restrictions. You might also find that under your cover, you can also hire a replacement instrument until yours is replaced or repaired.

If you're touring, travel is likely to play a central role in your instrument's life. If you plan on travelling further afield musical equipment insurance overseas will be a neccesity. Checking if you have musical equipment insurance Europe or even worldwide cover is a must.

Do you need electrical equipment cover?

Whether you are looking for guitar insurance or another kind of electrical musical equipment, it's possible to include it all under the same type of insurance.

Electrical musical instruments can experience different problems to their acoustic counterparts, which means the cover you need should be tailored specifically to cover a range of eventualities, brass instrument insurance won't cover the same problems as a policy with dedicated electrical music insurance.

You should expect to be protected against constructional, mechanical, electronic or electrical faults in addition to accidental damage, loss and theft.

How to compare musical instrument insurance

To get the best deal it's important to compare musical instrument insurance.

Insurance for musical instruments comes in all shapes and sizes so by carrying out a musical instrument insurance comparison you can find the cover that suits your needs at the best price.

Remember to check the policy particulars, particularly the excess and also whether any limitations apply. For example, some providers might stipulate a maximum age for electrical equipment. Vintage instruments can also be covered but you may have to contact the insurer for a quote.

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