Why get a burglar alarm?

Taking measures to improve your home's security will benefit you in two ways. As well as making it less likely a burglar will be able to break into your home successfully, better security can also attract lower insurance premiums, as insuring your house will be seen as less risky by your insurer.

One of the best ways to do this is to install an approved burglar alarm in your house.

Your insurer is likely to stipulate that your burglar alarm must be kept on at all times when your property is unoccupied; if a break-in occurs when the alarm is off, your claim may be refused.

How to get the right burglar alarm

It may be worth contacting your local crime prevention officer for advice on the kind of alarm that would be suitable, as well as talking to your insurer about what they consider to be an approved burglar alarm.

When installing a burglar alarm it's possible you might be able to get a discount on installation costs if other houses in your Neighbourhood Watch area also agree to install alarms; ask your installer before they begin work.

How else can your improve home security?

Burglar alarms aren't the only way to make your property more secure and reduce your insurance premiums.

Consider these other measures:

  • Lock your doors and windows, even when you are in
  • Don't draw attention to an empty house: Keep a few lights on, shut curtains, leave the radio or tv on etc
  • Consider other security devices such as CCTV surveillance, motion detectors and anti-vandal paint
  • If you don't own a dog a 'beware of the dog' sign could still discourage potential burglars
  • Don't leave valuables like handbags or keys in view of the front door or windows
  • Register your possessions with using a website like Immobilise
  • Mark your valuables with your name and postcode using a UV pen and keep photographic records to help identify them if they are found
  • Set strong passwords on computers and phones, and back up your digital files (such as music, photographs and eBooks) using online storage
  • Line your drive with gravel: The extra noise created underfoot acts as a good deterrent