This surge in interest has also been boosted by the number of TV programmes showing celebrity home developers renovating all kinds of properties, with quite stunning results.

And whilst it is undeniably a lot more work, there is something which is rather exciting about having the chance to create your dream house almost from scratch.

However, it is absolutely vital to have insurance whilst renovating because the chances of something going wrong is much higher than for a typical house move.

Getting a renovation insurance policy might not be quite so easy from a conventional insurer, or if they do offer to provide you with cover, you might find you aren't protected for everything you need.

You're likely to find that it's cheaper and easier for you to get the insurance cover you need for your renovation project and its contents by getting quotes from non standard home insurance companies instead.

Key features of renovation properties

Here's some key features you should look out for when you compare quotes for renovation property insurance:

For most types of standard home insurance, you can expect to be covered for the structure in front of you, plus your belongings if you opt for both building and contents cover.

But if you are renovating a property, there is much more at risk than simply the pre-existing building. Whilst you are carrying out your renovation projection insurance will be needed for your materials in addition to the structure already standing.

Having buildings insurance during renovation works means that all aspects of your property will be covered, something not normally provided under a standard policy.

You will also need to see whether your home renovation insurance continues to provide cover even if the property is unoccupied. If the work being carried out is extensive, the chances are you may be staying elsewhere until the bulk of it is complete, especially if you have small children. It's important that the insurance for renovation project continues to provide protection, even if you aren't sleeping there overnight.

You may also want to check whether extras such as hired plant, tools or other equipment is included and whether the policy automatically adds public liability cover.

Get the best deal on insurance for your building project

You can see at a glance all the insurers who are willing to offer insurance for property undergoing renovation in our renovation home insurance comparison table.

Whilst you will undoubtedly want to compare prices, there is much more that you will need to take into account, such as the factors mentioned above.

Before embarking on your renovation plan insurance should be put in place so you are covered from the start, rather than risking a problem occurring before you have got your protection in place. The same principles apply even if it is just a small renovation extension insurance is still an absolute essential.

By making sure you have the necessary protection, you can enjoy your project and throw your heart and soul into the renovation with the reassurance of knowing that you are fully covered.

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