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Insure4Retirement Home Insurance
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very good service at a very competetive price
Recommended by jimmyt

Coming back off a long weekend away we found we had a water leak in our ensuite which had gone through the ceiling. we called the insurance company and they could not have been more helpful.

We had the leak fixed the damaged ceiling replaced and the room re-wallpapered within about a week.

I would recommend this insurance company to anyone.

They respond to claims with the minimum of fuss.
Recommended by OldMaster

I have a house and contents insurance policy with this company. Approx 18 months ago we had a burglary. Not only were items stolen but damage was caused to the house. We made claims on both sections of the policy. These claims were dealt with efficiently and promptly. I expected the next years premium to rise drastically, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the rise was,more or less,in line with inflation.

Recommended by pixie0

I have been with this company for a few years, their customer service is excellent, however I have not had occasion to put in a claim, so cannot comment! If they do as their brochure says then I would certainly recommend them

Buyer beware .. This is a very tricky company

Just tried to accept lowest quote for House Insurance

Took ages on line to fill in things like construction details for outbuildings, nature of pond etc etc

Finally came to point of paying, got a message that transaction had failed, please call 0800 number to speak to a person

Call centre inevitably tries (and fails) to get me to take extra's like Accidental Cover etc

Then says he needs to summarise cover before taking credit card number .. Bores on for England about excesses etc etc, in the middle of which he also adds 'No Cover For Subsidence' .. I stopped his spiel, double-checked that I'd heard correctly and told him I had to go to another insurer (after all the only two biggies that House Insurance is for are Fire and Subsidence .. ). Looking at the screens this lack of subsidence cover didn't appear on any of the many screens of Policy Summary .. But hidden away was a small button 'Exclusions', if you clicked on that you got a text heavy small print diatribe the upshot of which was that they excluded any cover for subsidence...)

Not happy, I nearly got caught

The phone girl was competent in her job
The i4r policy as requested is not fit for purpose

Asked for a quote for holiday home insurance. Policy allows 60 day unoccupancy but during that time the property has to be inspected twice a week. Bizarre. And the girl at the call centre checked with her supervisor who confirmed this requirement. I'm staying with Staysure even though the premium has increased by 37% "due to industry wide claims experience". So I pay for all those who "have a dip". Scandalous.