However, what you probably don't appreciate quite as much is the difficulty you have in finding a company willing to offer flat roof insurance cover.

But help is on hand as it's not impossible to find insurers who are happy to consider different types of property...if you know where to look.

Finding specialist flat roof insurance

Trying to find someone who insures flat roof homes can be an absolute nightmare leaving you trawling through the small print of one company after another to see whether non-standard houses can be accepted.

Unfortunately homeowners with properties that have a flat roof are often viewed as having a higher risk of making insurance claims. This is because low pitched or flat roofs are considered as not only more vulnerable, but also less long-lasting. But this doesn't mean you can't find companies who specialise in providing flat roof insurance cover.

To save hours of your time - and the possibility of collapsing onto your laptop keyboard out of sheer boredom - you might want to take a look at a comparison table which focuses on insurance for flat roof properties only.

This will allow you to browse through all of the different policies offered by flat roof insurance companies to find the best quote for you.

Get your flat roof properly covered

Although home insurance is not required by law, it is a very good idea. If you have an outstanding mortgage on your property building insurance is also likely to be a requirement, but don't forget you will need both buildings and contents insurance to make sure you are fully covered.

If you have a flat roof contents insurance is very important to protect your belongings against the risk of water damage as well as the risk of theft and any damage from accidents in the home.

It's essential that you make sure you fully understand the extent of your cover before signing on the dotted line as not all companies include the same level of protection. Cancelling a policy mid-way through its term might result in extra charges so it's a good idea to check the small print first.

Things to consider when you buy flat roof insurance:

  • Is a leaking roof covered by insurance

  • Are there restrictions on cover (age of roof for instance)

  • Does any home emergency cover extend to damage to or by your flat roof

  • Are there any exclusions and limitations on when you can claim

  • Whether a maximum percentage of pitching (typically 30%) or flat roof is stipulated. Some companies will not consider houses with completely flat roofs

Getting specialist building insurance for flat roof property is particularly important because without the high degree of angled pitching that the properties on most roofs have, it is much easier for damage to occur, especially in bad weather. Therefore, if you have a flat roof storm damage insurance is a must in any policy you're considering as is leaking flat roof insurance. Make sure both are included in any policy that you take out.

It's not as difficult to get your flat roof covered by insurance as you may have feared. If you compare flat roof insurance quotes from different non standard home insurance providers you should be able to get comprehensive cover for an affordable price leaving you able to enjoy the beauty of your property with the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected.

You can use our flat roof insurance comparison to find a policy that will cover your home.

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