Fancy waking up to a nice warm home? No problem. And how about a relaxing soak in a lovely hot bubble bath? Whenever you want.

However, when your boiler goes wrong you will quickly appreciate just how much you rely on it and getting it fixed immediately will be a critical priority, especially if there are young children or older people living in the house.

If you aren't sure whether you need to take out boiler insurance cover, this guide is for you.

Who needs boiler insurance?

If you own your own home, you are responsible for any repairs which need carrying out to your boiler to keep it functioning. If on the other hand you are a tenant, your landlord should be responsible.

For homeowners therefore, boiler breakdown insurance can be a lifesaver, potentially saving you from having to fork out hundreds of pounds on getting emergency repairs done if anything were to go wrong. And of course, there's always the difficulty of trying to find a reputable boiler repair man when you are in the middle of a crisis!

What to look for in a boiler insurance policy

Boiler breakdown insurance will vary depending on the type of boiler you have in your home.

If you have a combi boiler insurance will be simple to find as this type of system is very commonplace in modern houses and covered by most policies and providers. Gas boiler insurance in general is not unusual so any home that uses this system should be able to take their pick of quotes, providing their boiler is not too old.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is oil fired boiler insurance which can still be found but may not be offered by every provider. So if you are the owner of one of these types of boilers make sure you aren't tempted to go with the first quote you find as they may be hard to come across, but investigate to see which provider will offer you insurance and for the best price.

Whilst you will want to get a good deal on your central heating boiler insurance, it's essential that you take into account more than just the cost. For example, you might want to check what the policy covers if a boiler replacement is required. Does the insurer contribute to part or all of the cost? How much do they contribute towards labour and parts? Will you need to pay an excess and is there a maximum number of times you can claim on the policy?

You should also check how quickly you'll be able to get a call out in the event you need to make a claim - this is a must if you don't want to go for days with a broken boiler.

Therefore when you carry out a boiler insurance comparison, you should look at both the quote and what you get for your money.

You should also consider whether it would be cheaper to set emergency money aside in case your boiler does pack in rather than paying out for a policy. This wouldn't help though if you were unable to get hold of a decent plumber in your hour of need.

If you don't want to be without your central heating boiler insurance can provide you with good reassurance, and by making sure you compare central heating insurance quotes, it doesn't have to cost the earth either.

You can compare quotes in our boiler insurance comparison table. Just remember to check whether the insurer specifies any requirements - like getting your boiler serviced regularly - for them to pay out so that you can rely on your policy if and when you need to.

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