Estate agents can be costly, and you could save a bundle by cutting them out of the equation when you sell your house. Here is how to make a sale without the help of estate agent.

Get a valuation

First you will need to arrive at an appropriate valuation for your house - how much you would reasonably like it to sell for.

It is possible to get an idea of your home's worth by researching the price of homes in your area using sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove.

Estate agents also often provide obligation-free valuations, so it is worth contacting a couple in your local area to see if they will be happy to value your home without any commitment.

Get an Energy Performance Certificate

You need to get an Energy Performance Certificate before you put your property on the market, so it is worth getting this done before you start advertising your home.

You will need to get a registered energy assessor to compile this for you - search for one on the EPC register website.

Advertise your property

Take your own photos

Photograph your house yourself - borrow a decent camera from a friend if you do not have one. Write the property description too, as you know your home better than anyone else.

You can advertise your property without an estate agent as long as you are prepared to put some time and effort in.

Several sites allow you to list your house for free such as Property Sell and House Ladder, meaning you can expose your property to a huge web audience.

Sites that charge a fee can advertise large photos of your house and even put a For Sale board outside in your front garden.

You can of course also advertise your home in your local paper for a small fee, and many supermarkets allow you to put up For Sale notices for free.

Arrange viewings

You can arrange viewings for interested buyers yourself, meaning you can speak to them and agree on a time that is convenient to you before they come to see your house.

It is worth taking the time to make your house as visually appealing and clean as possible before you start showing round potential buyers.

You will also have to be comfortable talking to potential buyers about all the different aspects of your house and why you are moving. It is also a good idea to have someone else in the house with you for security.

Negotiate a price

Before entering into negotiations with a buyer, make sure you have decided on the lowest price you will drop to.

Do not drop below this, however tempted you might be to get the sale over with. If you have refused a low offer, you can always reconsider it if no other buyers come your way.

When you have secured a buyer, you can bring in a solicitor who will be able to help complete the sale.