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Zero hour contracts: The pros and cons

It's easy to feel trapped and financially insecure when stuck in a zero hour contract, but are they as bad as they seem? We examine the pros and cons so you can make the most of this type of employment.

6 harsh realities of being self employed no one tells you about

It's a dream many of us share; to be our own boss and masters of our working schedule. But what's really in store if you strike out on your own? We examine the reality behind the dream of going self-employed.

7 hard questions you need to ask before going self-employed

Starting a business can be an exciting and stressful adventure, so planning ahead is essential to achieving your business dreams. Here are 7 questions you should ask yourself before you begin.

Help to Work scheme: 2 minute guide

Could the Help to Work scheme help you out of long-term unemployment, or do you have other options? Here's what you need to know.

Your redundancy rights

If the threat of redundancy is looming over you it is important to know your rights. We explain exactly what you are entitled to if you have been made redundant.

Working from home: how to make your millions in your PJs

Extra comfort, no commute and your boss a safe distance away - working from home sounds great! But do the financial advantages outweigh the drawbacks? We look at if it's right for you...

MPs' pay rise vs yours: are they fair?

MPs are eyeing up a tantalising 10% pay rise next year, taking their salary to a whopping 74,000! So, with a public sector pay cap and slow economic recovery is this fair or are they just feathering their nests? We investigate.

How to turn a temporary job into a permanent one

Landing a temporary job can be a great way to get some experience and earn a little extra cash in the short term. Here's how to turn your short term job into a permanent arrangement!

Working with disabilities

It's against the law for employers to discriminate against you because of a disability. However, that doesn't mean working with disabilities is easy: we take a look at the support on offer.

How to cope with redundancy

With redundancy and unemployment on the rise, we look at what you can do to soften the blow and survive financially should the worst happen.