With the 2015 General Election looming, Chancellor George Osborne has delivered what could be his last Budget statement and unveiled some big changes.

We set out all the major announcements below, so you can see how you will be affected by Mr Osborne's plans...


Personal allowance

  • A new personal savings allowance will be introduced in April, 2016. The first 1,000 basic rate taxpayers earn on savings will be tax free without an ISA.

  • If you are a higher rate tax payer this falls to the first 500 of savings interest.

  • Anyone paying the top rate of tax, earning over 150,000 will not be entitled to the new personal savings allowance.


  • Annual ISA savings limit to increase to 15,240 in April, 2015.

  • ISAs to become 'fully flexible' this autumn, allowing you to withdraw and replace money without it counting towards your annual limit.

  • Fully flexible ISA will only apply to Cash ISAs not Investment ISAs.

Help to Buy ISA

  • New Help to Buy ISA unveiled to help first time buyers save for a house deposit.

  • Allows first time buyers to save up to 200 per month and boosts savings by 25%.

Other savings

  • The limit on NS&I Premium Bonds investments is to be increased to 50,000 from 1st June, 2015.


Income Tax

  • Tax free personal allowance to increase to 10,600 in April, 2015.

  • Further increase to 10,800 in April, 2016 and then up to 11,000 in 2017.

  • The 40% higher rate tax threshold will rise above inflation to 42,385 in April, to 42,700 in 2016/17 and then to 43,300 in 2017/18.

Tax returns

  • End of year paper tax returns to be scrapped by 2020.

  • Paper returns to be replaced by 'real time' online accounts.

Inheritance Tax

  • Remains frozen at 325,000 until 2017/18.

  • Government to review the use of deeds of variation for tax purposes, report due in autumn 2015.

  • Inheritance tax exemption extended to members of emergency services and humanitarian aid workers whose death is caused or hastened by injury while on active service.

Other Tax

  • Transferable tax allowance for married couples set to increase to 1,100.

  • Corporation tax cut to 20% next month.

  • New tax on "diverted profits" unveiled targeting companies that move their profits overseas to avoid paying UK tax.

  • Small charities can now claim gift aid on up to 8,000 worth of small donations a year, up from 5,000, without needing to fill in any paperwork.

Pensions & Retirement

Pension Allowances

  • Lifetime allowance cut to 1m from 1.25m from April 2016.

  • From 2018 the lifetime allowance will be indexed to the consumer prices index.

  • The annual allowance for pension savings remains at 40,000.

Annuity freedoms

  • 5 million pensioners already locked into to their annuity to be given flexible access.

  • The 55% tax penalty currently applied will be scrapped, so if you do sell you will only pay the marginal rate of income tax instead.



  • Funding to develop Wi-Fi in all public libraries.

  • 600m to clear new spectrum bands for auction and improve mobile networks.

  • A new plan to deliver ultra-fast 100 megabits per second broadband to nearly all homes in the UK.


  • Government to sell 13bn of mortgage assets from Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley and 9bn of Lloyds shares.

  • Bank levy to increase to 0.21%, generating an extra 900m from the banks.

  • Banks no longer able to offset cost of paying PPI compensation from their corporation tax bills.

  • 75m of help to servicemen funded by the Libor fines.

Alcohol & Tobacco

  • Beer duty cut by 1p, cider by 2p and whisky by 2p.

  • Wine excise duty frozen.

  • No changes to tobacco duty which will continue rising by 2% above inflation.