Golf clubs can cost upwards of 300 - each - and even if you're just starting out with a cheaper set, the cost of replacing your clubs could still mount up if they're lost, damaged or stolen.
Usually separate golf club insurance isn't sold as a standalone policy, and instead you'll need to consider other aspects of golf insurance and pick the best overall insurance policy.
However, you can decide to prioritise golf clubs cover in your cheap golf club insurance comparison, to ensure you can get the best insurance for golf clubs at the cheapest possible price.
Remember price isn't everything, weigh up what you need from your golf club insurance, and only then look for the cheapest golf policy that combines that cover with its own standard protection:

If you're looking for the best insurance for golf clubs it's essential to make sure that your set is fully protected by your golf insurance policy. You'll need to decide on either new for old or indemnity cover before you can settle on what cover level is suitable.
New for old cover puts your clubs' policy value at the same price you originally paid for them; so, your maximum claim limit will need to match their original value or you won't be able to replace all your clubs.
Meanwhile, indemnity cover sets your clubs' policy value to their 2nd hand market value at the point of claiming for them. This means you are unlikely to need so high a limit, as their market value will take into account age and depreciation.
When you know the amount of cover you are likely to need, compare golf club insurance maximum cover levels and exclude policies that won't fully protect your clubs. Finally, check if there is a maximum single item limit within a policy's total cover, and make sure your most valuable club will be protected.

Consider which (if any) golfing add-ons or additional cover you might need to fully protect your clubs; golf club insurance for travel for example could be vital for golfing holidays abroad.
Travel insurance with golf clubs is often limited by number of days' cover and by geographical area, so make sure any policy fits in with your plans.
Cover for golf equipment hire (in case your clubs are lost, stolen or damaged prior to an arranged round of golf) is also available with some policies. This could be particularly useful for booked golfing holidays at home or abroad, where the cost of repeatedly hiring your clubs can soon mount up.

When comparing golf clubs insurance cover you will need to carefully check each polices terms and conditions to make sure you're happy with the cover you opt for.
Some golf clubs stolen from car insurance only covers you for theft during travel to/from (or while you're at) a golf course -something you should double check before you make your decision. Similarly, you will need to make sure your travel golf club theft insurance covers all flights and transfers overseas.

What else should you take into account?

When you have found companies offering a suitable level of golf club insurance, you can compare the additional cover offered as standard - alongside their price - to find the best deal.
Typically, you should compare:

  • Public liability cover for third parties, including injury and accidental damage to their property

  • Personal injury cover for your own emergency treatment, hospitalisation and loss of sight

  • Golf club membership cover, offering reimbursement of clubhouse/green fees if you are prevented from playing golf due to injury

If you prioritise the cover on offer before you compare quotes from policies that meet those requirements, you can be sure that even the cheapest golf club insurance policy will protect you financially if you need to claim.

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