The vast majority of homes use their TV for at least a couple of hours every day, or even more, whether it's to keep the kids entertained while you cook dinner, to battle zombies on the games console or just to snuggle up and enjoy a great film.

So can you imagine what would happen if this much-loved part of the household stopped working? This very reason is why it's a great idea to buy TV insurance cover.

TV warranty insurance can help to protect against having to shell out hundreds or even thousands for a new flatscreen if the worst happens and also means you can get a repair or replacement quickly. We take a look at what you should know about television insurance cover.

Can't I just use my contents cover to protect my TV?

In order to get the cheapest TV insurance, you may well be wondering why you can't just use the home contents policy which you probably already have in place.

However, whilst it's certainly true that you may be able to claim for a damaged TV, you can't insure TV against breakdown on a contents policy. Insurance covering accidental damage to TV may be available on your contents policy but mechanical or electrical failure typically isn't included.

You also need to check whether there are any exclusions and what excess will apply. Bear in mind that making a TV insurance claim will also have an impact on how much you pay for your home contents insurance next year.

You can insure all kinds of TV

The TV is no longer a humble device offering up four channels; as well as providing access to satellite or cable, many now also act as a gateway for internet use, the so-called smart TVs.

And as TVs get more and more functional, they also get slimmer and sexier. Some of the top of the range plasma TVs are almost wafer thin.

Whilst this looks great it means they are a bit more vulnerable than the old-fashioned bulky CRT TV. A plasma screen is much easier to damage whether it's from sticky little fingers or water damage.

Therefore, getting plasma or even smart TV insurance should be considered just as much of an essential part of the purchase as a plug.

What's covered by your TV insurance

Whether you have a run of the mill or performance TV insurance, it will provide a whole host of benefits.

Even if your TV is hypothetically out of harm's way and on the wall, accidents happen. Whether it gets knocked down, splashed or the screen is damaged, TV repair insurance will help you get it fixed in no time.

Although you might hope to never have to claim on your insurance TV cover can provide peace of mind, just in case the worst happens. Mechanical or electrical failure can leave you staring at a blank screen but with TV cover for the year, you know that you will either get it repaired or replaced without having to fork out hundreds of pounds yourself.

Unfortunately, TVs face another risk: theft. As such a desirable item, TVs are often high up on the list of any burglar and if you have an expensive model, this will be the first thing they take. Protect TV insurance will also cover this type of loss too.

Getting the best price

Although you may well want to make sure your TV is properly covered, you won't want to pay a fortune. This is why carrying out a cheap TV insurance comparison is essential.

If you compare TV insurance you will not only be able to find the best price but also check the factors that matter most to you. Some companies offer guarantees over both repair and replacement and maximum timescales whilst others provide different payment options, including spreading the cost.

By getting a number of television repair insurance quotes you will be able to find the cover which ticks all the boxes you want at the lowest cost.

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