If you own several gadgets, be it laptops, smartphones or sat navs, there's a reasonable chance that you would have to fork out a significant sum of money to replace each should they be lost, damaged or stolen.

That's why more and more people are deciding to insure gadgets using a dedicated gadget insurance possibly.

Chances are that a good gadget insurance policy could save you a significant sum of money should you need to replace your treasured items.

Here's how to compare gadget insurance from the best gadget insurance UK providers, so you have peace of mind that your gadgets are covered against the unforeseen.

What do you need cover for?

Before you start comparing gadget cover you need to decide exactly what you want your gadget insurance to include.

Gadget insurance is available for a wide selection of different electrical items, with dedicated insurance policies available to cover mobile phones, cameras, laptops and tablet computers, so working out what you need cover for before you start looking is essential.

If you have several gadgets insure them using a multi-gadget insurance policy to cut your costs, just make sure that the maximum level of cover is greater than the total value of all your gadgets.

What level of cover do you need?

Most standard gadget insurance policies will insure your gadgets against theft both at home and elsewhere in the UK.

However, if you also want your gadgets to be protected against loss, breakdown and accidental damage you may need to choose a more comprehensive policy.

If you want your gadgets to be covered outside the UK you are also likely to need extended gadget cover to protect them overseas.

Weigh up the level of cover that will give you peace of mind that your gadgets are protected and exclude the various policies that don't meet your needs.

Check the excess

The standard excess listed on different gadget insurance policies can vary from 20 up to 100, a significant difference when the value of an individual gadget is unlikely to be much over 1,000.

Compare the different gadget insurance policies on offer to find policies with a level of cover you're happy with, and an excess you could comfortably afford to meet if you needed to claim.

Compare prices

Once you know the type of cover you need and have found the gadget insurance companies that offer it you can start to compare gadget insurance premiums to look for the cheapest price.

You can use our cheap gadget insurance comparison table to compare the top gadget insurance policies and pick the best deal.