Financial spread betting is a way to speculate on the movement of a share price, an index or some other financial instrument without buying into the asset itself. Our article on getting started with spread betting is a great guide to the basics.

If you're looking for the best mobile phone app for spread betting, you'll need to consider two aspects:

Which financial spread betting company should you use?

When it comes to choosing a company to spread bet with, a key consideration is how competitive their spreads are, as this will determine how much you win or lose. Our comparison table lets you know the essentials, and the companies' websites show their full range of spreads.

When you compare the spreads offered, the narrower or smaller spreads are generally the most competitive, as share values don't need to change as much before you can make a profit. You should also make sure they offer bets on the subject you're interested in, whether that's currency, share performance or something else entirely.

How much you want to invest is also important, as companies will often specify a minimum deposit.

Some companies will offer incentives like deposit bonuses and in some cases will match your initial bet.

Which is the best spread betting app for you?

Spread betting accounts can be managed online or by phone, but most now offer a spread bet app. When you're away from your computer, financial spread betting apps are useful for giving you the flexibility to place bets whether you're on the move or relaxing on the sofa.

You will need to make sure the app will work with the phone or tablet you want to use it on. Most companies offer spreadbetting iPad apps, so there are therefore plenty to choose from when looking for the best spread betting app to suit your needs. Spread betting apps for Android tablets and phones are also widely available, and some also work with Windows and Blackberry phones.

If you're new to spread betting, you may wish to consider using a demo account before you play with real money. Practicing with a simulation is a safer way of learning how spread betting works without the risk of losing money, especially while you're getting used to using a new mobile app to place your bets.

To help you make your mind up, you can use our handy best apps for financial spread betting accounts comparison table. You'll be able to compare the online companies that offer spread betting mobile apps, and find the one that works best for you.