If you want to keep a close eye on your energy costs opting for energy prepayment meters could be worthwhile. We look at how to compare cheap prepayment fuel providers so you can find the cheapest prepayment dual fuel rates possible.

Why opt for pre-payment energy tariffs?

Prepayment meters are usually installed in homes which have fallen behind on their energy bills, the idea is that pay as you go gas and electric is easier to budget for and less risky for the energy supplier.

Many private landlords also request that prepayment meters are installed in their properties to avoid tenants racking up energy debts at their address before leaving without payment.

Unfortunately, while a prepayment can help you avoid racking up large bills and make it easier to budget, you're unlikely to qualify for the cheapest gas and electric prices on a prepayment energy tariff.

Getting the best dual fuel prices possible

Although pay as you go electricity and gas prices are often higher than their standard tariff counterparts, if you take the time to compare your options you can still get good value for money.

Use our prepayment energy tariffs comparison table to compare the cheapest gas and electric prepayment meter tariff deals side by side.

Each listing includes details on any available discounts and an estimated annual cost so you can see quickly which could be the cheapest dual fuel supplier for your home.

You can also get a quote based upon your gas and electricity usage and current prepayment tariff rates by following each link.