Cutting the cost of your gas supply can be a good way to make your money go that little bit further, especially as in all likelihood there will be little difference to your gas supply when you look for the cheapest gas company.

Here's how to compare gas suppliers and UK gas tariffs to find the best gas tariff for your circumstances.

Pick a tariff type

Fixed, tracker, discount, capped, online, variable - these are all words used to describe different gas tariffs so it's fair to say that energy companies do make it tricky to distinguish one tariff from another.

However, picking the right tariff type for your circumstances is a big part of finding the cheapest gas company in your area.

Essentially there are two main types of gas energy tariff: variable or tracker tariffs where the cost of gas (and your price) will move up and down, or fixed or capped tariffs where the amount you pay for your gas is set at a certain level or in some way controlled for a period of time.

In most cases a variable tariff will offer the best gas unit prices initially, however if prices go up then so will the amount you have to pay - unlike if you choose a type of fixed tariff.

How do you use your gas supply?

The first step to finding the cheapest gas company is to work out when and how much gas you currently use and subsequently what you will need from your new tariff.

This will allow you to look for the best gas price per unit and a tariff that matches your needs, instead of taking out a tariff that charges you more to use gas when you actually want it. This is especially important if you think you will be a very low or high user as different tariffs may offer their discounted rates at different usage thresholds.

How are you going to pay?

The majority of gas companies will offer various discounts on their tariffs to customers willing to pay by direct debit and manage their bills online.

This can make a big difference to the amount you actually have to pay so you should decide how you want to manage your account and how you'll pay before beginning your search to ensure you can compare rates like for like.

Duel fuel?

If you are currently paying for your gas and electricity from two separate providers you may be able to save money by opting for a duel fuel supplier instead. Before committing to a UK gas tariff it makes sense to check whether you could get a discount on both by opting to combine the two.

Check the tariff rates

The main determining factor that will make a gas tariff cheap or expensive is the rate you are charged per kWh.

The amount you are charged per kWh will vary depending on the gas company, the type of tariff you choose and where you live.

Once you have narrowed your choice of gas tariff by type and by how you want to pay, you will need to compare gas suppliers gas rates to find out which is the cheapest gas company in my area.

If you 'compare gas prices in my area' when getting standard prices from each company, your gas comparisons will be an accurate representation of the costs and you can find the cheapest gas company available.

For more help finding a cheap energy supplier our guide How to Slash 100s Off Your Utility Bills provides a comprehensive overview of the salient points. Plus you can compare the gas prices of UK wide providers via our gas price comparison table.