Yes, if you use both gas and electricity, you could save by combining both services.

You also get the added convenience of having only one energy account to manage, so you save time when making changes or paying your bill.

How to find the best deal

Use our comparison to check which dual fuel tariffs are available in your area:

  • Enter your postcode: Energy prices vary depending on where you live, and some companies only supply certain areas.

  • Enter details about your tariff: You can then fill out information about what you currently pay for your gas and electricity, to find the best saving.

  • Compare energy suppliers: You can check customer ratings of different suppliers on our reviews page.

  • Compare your annual saving: You can filter your options based on the highest average yearly saving, or by the lowest average yearly cost.

Can you fix your dual fuel tariff?

Yes, you can choose a fixed rate tariff which guarantees the price of your gas and electricity will not change during your contract.

This ties you into the contract for a set period of time, and you may be charged an exit fee of up to 30 per fuel if you decide to leave your contract early.

Alternatively, you can opt for a variable rate which gives you more flexibility to switch suppliers but is usually more expensive.

What if you have a prepayment meter?

You can still get a dual fuel tariff if you have a prepayment meter, but you may need to use our prepayment meter comparison to find the best deal.

You benefit from the discounts and convenience of having both your gas and electricity with one supplier, but you will need to pay for your energy before you use it.

Dual fuel FAQs


Can I switch if I have dual fuel?


Yes, but watch out for early exit fees if you are on a fixed rate contract that has not ended.


How can I pay for my dual fuel tariff?


You can pay by monthly direct debit, quarterly, with a payment card, or using a prepayment meter. Here is more about how you can pay for your energy.


Can I get dual fuel if I rent?


Yes, if you pay your bills yourself you can combine your gas and electricity services as a dual fuel tariff.


What is a standing charge?


This is what you pay your energy company for supplying your gas or electricity, and for managing your account.


Can I save money with a green dual fuel tariff?


Depending on what you currently pay for your gas and electricity, you could save money with a green tariff. Read more about green energy in this guide.