If you want critical illness cover that is not limited to a set term, or ends when you reach a certain age, then a whole of life policy could suit your needs.

A whole of life policy lets you claim at any point in your life, which means you are covered during your later years, unlike standard critical illness policies.

How to choose a policy

To help you find the right policy, think about:

  • What conditions you want covered: Some policies cover more than others, so check each insurer's policy document for details of the conditions they cover.

  • The amount of cover you want: Most policies offer cover into the millions of pounds, but the amount you choose affects how much you pay monthly.

Most policies specify the severity of conditions they will pay out for, so check the policy documents in detail before you apply.

How does it work?

Depending on the insurer, a whole of life policy could work in one of two ways:

  • Rolling term: You apply for a policy over a set term, but when the term ends you can renew your policy for the rest of your life. This allows the insurer to reassess your health details, meaning the amount you pay monthly could go up.

  • Immediate whole of life: You apply for a policy that covers you for life. Although this usually costs more monthly, the cover lasts longer and you do not need to provide details of your health later in life.

Compare quotes for both types of policy, and speak to an independent financial adviser if you are unsure which type to choose.

Whole of life critical illness cover FAQs


Can I get whole of life critical illness cover for my family?


Most insurers offer joint policies for you and your partner, and some offer additional benefits that cover your children. Check each policy to find out.


How old do I need to be to get critical illness cover?


Most insurers offer cover from 16 years old. Each insurer also limits when you can apply, stating a maximum age, for example 59 years old.


Can I get cover if I already have a medical condition?


This depends on the condition you have. Speak to each insurer to see if they can offer you cover with the exception of your condition.


Is critical illness cover the same as life insurance?


No, it only pays out when you are diagnosed with a condition in your policy, unlike life insurance which only pays out when you die.

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