Yes, some credit cards come with balance transfer fees of less than 1.5%, and others charge no fee at all.

The fee will be a percentage of the amount you transfer to the new credit card. For example:

  • If you moved a balance of 2,000 onto a card with a 4% fee, this would cost 80

  • If you moved a balance of 2,000 onto a card with a 1% fee, this would cost just 20

Our comparison table above includes every credit card that offers an interest free balance transfer that charges a handling fee of 1.5% or less.

You can change the order of the cards to show the cheapest balance transfer fees or longest interest free periods first.

Alternatively, you can enter how much you want to transfer and your existing credit card at the top of the table. We will then show you the amount you could save by transferring your balance to each card.

How do balance transfers work?

They let you move an existing credit card balance onto another credit card.

If you choose a card with a 0% balance transfer offer, you will pay no interest for its promotional period, which will range from one month to a few years.

Paying no interest means you can clear what you owe quicker and at a lower cost.

Here is everything you need to know about how balance transfers work.

What other costs do cards come with?

You may also have to pay the same fees that come with other credit cards.

This includes interest on any purchases you make on the card as well as fees for using your card abroad or missing repayments.

You will also have to start paying interest on the card if you have not cleared the balance in full by the end of the 0% rate deal.

Will you be accepted?

The best balance transfer deals are usually only available if you earn more than a certain amount and have a strong credit record. The best deals come with the lowest fees and longest interest free periods.

Here is how to check you will be accepted and improve your chances.

Low fee balance transfer FAQs


Is a low fee the most important factor?


No, a long interest free period can save you more money than a low fee in some cases, especially if you have a large balance to transfer.


How long will it take to make a balance transfer?


It can take a few days but might take up to two weeks to get a new credit card and up to another week to make the balance transfer.


How much can I balance transfer?


Your provider will let you transfer a percentage of your credit limit (usually 90-95%), e.g. 90% of a 2,000 credit limit would mean you could use 1,800.


What will my credit limit be?


This is set by your provider after they have approved your application. Here is how credit limits work and how much it costs if you exceed it.


Does my credit record matter?


Yes, lenders decide whether to offer you a balance transfer as well as what APR and credit limit they offer you based on your credit record.


How do I pay off my balance after the transfer?


Repay the amount that will clear your balance by the end of the 0% period by direct debit so you never miss a payment or pay interest.