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Asda Money Credit Card
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0% for 12 months
2.9% fee
0% for 6 months14.9%
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Like most credit cards. Easy to use & online system good.
High fee if used in cashpoint. Always statements posted can't alter.
Recommended by jamie50

Cash-back is great & overall think excellent. However by a silly error I mistakenly put the credit card in cashpoint - instead of debit card - and pressed ok for charges. Was on autopilot. Realised my mistake & next day paid a large credit to ensure I had cleared full balance asap. I know these credit cards also charge daily interest on cash advance.ASDA credit card charged £5 when I had only drew out £30 for few hours. Very high fee when as cash advance. My fault but be warned.

by Langy, 30 Jun 2013
Recommended by Langy

I only got an ASDA credit card a few months ago but it is really easy to use and understand. I pay all my bills online which is convenient but my favourite thing about it is the rewards - instead of saving up for vouchers or prize draws it is simply cashback which I prefer. Every month a small amount is deducted off your bill which isn't much but every little help and the cashback I get is greater than the interest I'm getting on my main account so free money has to be good!

1P off a litre of Fuel at ASDA filling stations. Vouchers each year.
Please bring back the 2p per litre discount.
Recommended by Priceless

When I took this out over 4 years ago the big lure was the 2 Pence OFF per litre of fuel when using the card at ASDA petrol stations for filling up.
Alas, this has now been reduced to a PENNY a LITRE discount!
ASDA Filling stations always seem to be the most competitive, so an extra penny a litre off does help, particulary in these financially challenged times.

Again, the introductory three months with the card earnt reward points at the rate of 4 points for every ?4 spent a ASDA with the card. After the introductory period, this got halved to only 2 points for every ?4 Asda spend. Using the card outside of ASDA only generates half of this both during the first 3 months and afterwards. But I suppose it's nice to look forward to my annual ASDA VOUCHERS which arrive just before Christmas. To work out how much you need to spend, it presently is 5,000 points equates to ?50 in ASDA vouchers.

The interest rate is fairly standard at around 16.8% variable and you also get 0% Balance Transfers for 12 months with the set-up fee of 2.99%

Free delivery of ASDA groceries ordered online (99 or above)
Recommended by smithd

My ASDA credit card entitled me to have my ASDA online order for groceries delivered FREE of charge, on any day of the week, provided I spend at least ?99 - which I invariably do.
The credit card application was simple and done online. In addition, I rather like the "Asda Price Guarantee" which automatically compares the cost of my grocery order to what the cost would have been at Sainsburys Morrsons, Tesco and Waitrose - and if ASDA is NOT at least 10% cheaper than the competition, then ASDA send me vouchers to a value which does ensure my shopping was 10% cheaper. I have been sent such vouchers in respect of at least two of my last three or four recent ASDA grocery deliveries.
I receive the (usual) monthly credit card statements in the post, and of course, the ASDA credit card can be paid off every month, by setting up a direct debit for the full amount owing.

by Barnaby, 10 Feb 2012
points earned on all purchases
Recommended by Barnaby

Ex value for money. You can set up a min or full direct debit so that you don't need to worry about missing a payment date. Also you can request instant limit

changes online via the account management page and make payments online too. Points are earned for purchases made using the MasterCard and vouchers are earned and awarded in December each year. great way to treat yourself or reduce the cost of your Christmas shopping.

rate is ok
benefits are pared back
Recommended by madmumof5

Does what it says and rates are of average. Unfortunately its stopped some of the benefits for instore shopping or on petrol

by amore, 23 Feb 2012
Recommended by amore

Good standard basic store related card for shopping and general purposes. Petrol purchases have the added benefit of an extra 1p a litre off at stores where you already get the best local price.

by deb204, 10 Feb 2012
Recommended by deb204

its just like any other credit card, if you pay off the balance in full theres no charge and you earn vouchers to spend in asda back with every pound you spend

Nothing at all, poor
Worst ever card and customer services

1.Disgustingly poor customer treatment and even worse customer service.
2.ANY complaint takes months to get solved,basiclly so you dont carry on with it as the time trouble it takes is just upsetting,this is so they asda credit cards charge you charges unfairly,they dont care or help anybody,cash machines no where shows balance so you over draw your account get instant 24pounds charge applied and daily charges,false names given by staff that you talk to,so next time nobody to refere to,done deiberatly so you keep getting charged daily,on purpose,phone calls mobile 80+pence per minute each call minimun time is 8minuets done so they make a fortune in call charges,thats why mistakes delibertly inflicted on accounts,so they make fortunes in call incomes no matter what am with the ombudsman now and told them in writing the scams they use,5 pound charge to use a cash machine nobody else charges like this or treats customers this way ASDA CREDIT CARDS WORST EVER, POOR, NOT RECCOMENDED


Worst experience I have ever had with a financial institution, never supplying statements lousy management and communication regarding my account, I'm paying this off and then forgetting Asda.