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A year or two ago, at uSwitch's suggestion, I transferred from EDF to EON. A month or so later, an EON employee told me that in the long run, it would cost more because of my Warmwise tariff. Embarrassed re-application to EDF - which took 2 YEARS to complete! Why? Utter confusion over which company had connected/disconnected my supply when, so duplicated bills (some outrageously high), endless (often crossed) emails (complicated by EON only doing these via their online form), phone-calls (with the usual 'press 1 for' and hours of repeated musak), letters, all invariably with a new employee necessitating endless detailed reiteration of the background to that stage of the problem etc., etc. Only when, during a phone-call with EDF, I accidentally established that my collocutor and I knew someone in common, so it became personal, did things begin to sort themselves out (mainly thanks to my collocutor, whom I salute!). It still took a few weeks to clear matters completely; but we did. Had I been paid for the amount of time and effort all this caused me, I suspect that my energy-providers would have had to give me free electricity for life to pay it off. Small message: beware if you have Warmwise, or any other special tariff uSwitch's (or other transferrers') system doesn't accommodate.

Employees' personal intervention.

The chaos of impersonal (esp. uSwitch) communications systems.

by , 5 Sep 2012 report review

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