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money.co.uk Company Profile

money.co.uk has 8 company representatives.

Company Representatives

Chris Morling
Managing Director
Chris is the entrepreneur behind successful comparison website money.co.uk. He has built the brand with consumers' interests in mind and champions responsible comparison that helps users get the deal that is genuinely right for them. He is passionate about ensuring everyone gets treated fairly by financial services and uses the unique insight he has into both consumer and company behaviour to respond to regulatory reviews and help shape the industry. He has proven it is possible to treat his users fairly whilst driving the company to phenomenal heights - the Sunday Times ranked money.co.uk as the UK's second fastest growing business in 2015 and Chris made the shortlist this year for Entrepreneur of the Year.
Hannah Maundrell
Editor in Chief
Hannah oversees all of money.co.uk's editorial, content and communications.

She regularly shares her expertise in the media and can often be seen on BBC Breakfast, Sky News and Rip Off Britain talking about topical money issues. She also provides financial analysis and commentary for publications like the BBC, The Times, Huffington Post, Marie Claire and The Sun and can be heard on weekly shows with both Share Radio and BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Hannah is on the Internet Advertising Bureau's Regulatory Affairs Council and also shares insight with regulatory bodies like the FCA and CMA on up and coming changes to the finance industry.
Martin Lane
Editorial Team Leader
Editorial Team Leader at money.co.uk, Martin Lane left behind a front-line career in financial services to pursue his passion for journalism. He oversees the day to day running of the Editorial Team that create the content you will read on our website. He applies his vast knowledge of all things money related to ensure all of our guides are helpful, relevant and up to date. Martin is a spokesperson for money.co.uk and regularly gives his expert view on financial issues for local and national press.
Dan Base
Financial Content Writer
Hi! I am a writer at money.co.uk, so I research and write the content and guides on our site.

I started here back in January 2014 and have researched and written about a wide range of financial products but there is always more to learn!

In my spare time, I like to read, listen to music, cycle, play football, write, go to gigs, walk in the country and eat.
Dom James
Financial Content Writer
My name is Dominic James and I work as a financial content writer for money.co.uk.
I spend the majority of my time researching and writing financial guides for consumers.
I am also responsible for all press updates linked within money.co.uk and its company representatives.
Matt Fernell
Financial Content Writer
Hi, I'm Matt and I work as a Financial Content Writer for money.co.uk.
Stacey Budd
Financial Content Writer
I'm a Financial Content Writer at money.co.uk. I have a background in financial services, and I'm responsible for writing the Business and Utilities guides on our website.