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money.co.uk Company Profile

money.co.uk has 8 company representatives.

Company Representatives

Chris Morling
Managing Director
Hannah Maundrell
Editor in Chief
I'm Editor in Chief of money.co.uk. I oversee everything from the data in our comparison tables to the deals and guides you see on the website.

I regularly get asked to explain money issues on TV and radio stations like the BBC and Sky News. I also provide financial insight, analysis and commentary for national newspapers like The Telegraph, The Mirror and The Times; I write the occasional column for them too.
Martin Lane
Editorial Team Leader
Martin Lane joined money.co.uk in 2010 after leaving a front-line career in financial services to pursue his passion for journalism.

He oversees the day-to-day running of the Editorial team and uses his vast knowledge of all things money-related to ensure all of our guides are top notch.
Dan Base
Financial Content Writer
Hi! I am a writer at money.co.uk, so I research and write the content and guides on our site.

I started here back in January 2014 and have researched and written about a wide range of financial products but there is always more to learn!

In my spare time, I like to read, listen to music, cycle, play football, write, go to gigs, walk in the country and eat.
Dom James
Financial Content Writer
My name is Dominic James and I work as a financial content writer for money.co.uk.
I spend the majority of my time researching and writing financial guides for consumers.
I am also responsible for all press updates linked within money.co.uk and its company representatives.
Matt Fernell
Financial Content Writer
Hi, I'm Matt and I work as a Financial Content Writer for money.co.uk.
Stacey Budd
Financial Content Writer
I'm a Financial Content Writer at money.co.uk. I have a background in financial services, and I'm responsible for writing the Business and Utilities guides on our website.