What is temporary car insurance?

As the name suggests, temporary car insurance is a policy that allows you to cover additional drivers on your car for a short period. You can also cover yourself for driving another car.

Short term insurance is useful when:

  • You are borrowing a car from a friend or relative for a short time

  • You need temporary cover to test drive or collect a new car and you haven't been able to sort out a full policy yet

  • You want to share the driving on a long trip and make sure everyone is insured

  • You need to add a temporary additional driver to your car insurance

The benefits of temporary cover car insurance

There are many reasons that temporary car insurance is useful.

For example, it can be ideal if you're looking to add an additional driver to your policy for a short period.

Adding them as a named driver to your existing insurance may be expensive and time consuming, especially if they are young. It can be cheaper to simply take out temporary car insurance for young drivers using your vehicle than it is to add them as a named driver.

And, if you're planning to go on a long journey and share the driving, temporary additional driver car insurance can be the perfect way of making sure multiple drivers are covered.

Finding the cheapest temporary car insurance

There are dozens of policies on the market including temporary car insurance under 21 and temporary additional driver car insurance cover. So, comparing the prices and benefits of such policies is essential.

When you compare temporary car insurance UK drivers should consider:

  • The minimum age on a policy

  • The minimum and maximum term of the policy (typically between 1 and 28 days)

  • What the standard policy excess is (the amount of any claim you have to pay yourself)

  • The daily cost

  • The maximum car value covered under the policy

  • Whether you need foreign cover

While the cheapest temporary car insurance may be your priority it's also important to compare the quality of the cover before you sign up with an insurer.

If you don't you may find that your policy won't pay out when you make a claim.