Under UK insurance law you must declare any conviction that might affect how an insurer would assess your risk, unless your legal rehabilitation period has elapsed so it's considered a 'spent' conviction. (You can find out more about declaring your conviction(s) on the UNLOCK website)

Therefore all UK companies offering car insurance for convicted drivers take into account the type of offense you've committed when they are pricing your policy. Because of this it's important to be honest from when you're getting a quote or your policy may not be valid if you need to claim.

Aside from that, insurers will generally let you tailor their policies to get the protection you want without paying for cover that you don't. If you compare the cover on offer from each provider, you can then get individual quotes for convicted driver car insurance that matches your needs.

You'll need to consider:

Your driving offence

Some providers offering car insurance for drivers with convictions specialise in certain types of offence - for example, they may offer insurance to people with drink driving convictions only, simply cover those a high number of points on their licence or extend their cover to car insurance for drivers with criminal convictions.

Getting quotes from specialist insurers will help you find cheaper quotes, but you should always prioritise the cover offered, shop around and compare car insurance for drivers with convictions from as many companies as possible.

How to get the cheapest quotes

As with all car insurance, you'll need to decide whether you want Third Party, Third Part Fire & Theft, or Comprehensive car insurance; and make sure that the maximum claim limit gives you sufficient protection.

Insurers will calculate your risk and base their premiums on your previous offence(s), age, gender, driving experience, type of car and the annual mileage you request. However, by comparing insurance policies online you should be able to find cheap car insurance for convicted drivers in minutes.

Check if policies offering cheap insurance for convicted drivers include a no claims discount, or make concessions for fitting insurer-approved security items such as alarms or immobilisers. Also, adding an experienced driver as a 'named driver' may reassure insurers and help lower your premiums.