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Customer contact.
Misled on what was included in the policy...
Recommended by whaddon

Great contact from Customer service rep. but she assured me key cover was included but when documents arrived key cover was extra. Quite simple I was misled....I cancelled and went via Quidco....

I got a quote for car insurance, even with 9 years no claims it came to over £1200, and i'm over 50. As for the FREE PARKER PEN, still yet to receive it, after 4 weeks still not arrived. Called them, emailed them, STILL NO PEN. USELESS COMPANY

Way too expensive

I recently had a quote for car insurance fro RIAS, because I am 56 and saw their commercials about specialising in insurance for the over 50's. What a joke! The quote I received was the highest of any company and I didn't even receive my free Parker pen as promised. A complete waste of 30 minutes on the phone.