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Generally good customer service, local offices and good features
Overly priced and market understanding

All car insurance companies use risk information to get you a price. Your postcode in an indicator of your risk.

I phoned the NFU as a previous customer and asked for a quoted for this year, as I was phoning after office hours I got through to the nation sales office. The young man was helpful and polite, but after twenty minutes I had to get home and asked him to call me back in an hour so we could continue. Why as a previous customer I had to go though everything I did not know but, he duely called back an hour later and promptly told me that as I lived in a CT17 area the NFU did not insure people living in that area. I pointed out I lived in area surrounded by farm and that Dover town was not exactly urban. That was that the NFU did not want my custom, but why was my postcode an issue ?

My post code CT17 is apparently an urban area and at risk according to the NFU salesman ? Yet crime figures are down year on year, according to The rating for the CT17 area according to is C, but this not dated or has reference as to it's source.

Strangely using a posted code checker the area is also classed as C1 + C2, yet there A, B, C, D people living in my road. and less than a half a mile away is farm land the other direction is the English Channel. Have a look here at the assumptions made about your postcode

I am writing to the NFU and asking on what basis they are working on as their information does not make any sense. I had previously been very satisfied with their service and helpful local office, until the premiums start getting expensive.

The NFU's own office in Canterbury is in an at "risk area" according to their own data. I explained what I had been told to the local office by the salesman and they explained that in the last year the NFU has changed it's risk indicators and they quoted me as previous customer and it was double my current insurance.

This means not only returning customers, but new customers will be refused when every other insurance company would take you on as far as I can find. So if you do get a quote or offered insurance then bear in mind you will be paying more than insuring with other reputable insurance companies. You have been warned.

good value
Recommended by shazza283

They have always been competitive, provide roadside assistance that works - we have horse box insurance too with a built in horse recovery which is such a sensible idea. Always pleasant to deal with, always helpful :-) :-) :-)

Recommended by davediablo

This is an exceedingly well priced car insurance that includes all the extras that you would not expect for this reasonable price.

Quick no quibble payout
Recommended by greydo

Not the cheapest, but so so good! What you would expect to have in time of need.
I really like the no excess, and not having to lose a claims discount.