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bonus miles
costs more if mileage goes above the limit of 6000 miles
Recommended by imatia

with high car insurance costs i decided to have insurance with insure the box.
it is still ?60 cheaper than my my current insures best quote. so i went for it .
the fitting was straight forward and i seem to be earning bonus mile as well.
so far so good.
good value for low mileage drivers.

Online, good renewal quotes, rewards for good driving
driving is monitored by a 'black box' fitted to the vehicle.
Recommended by jyo76

I took my car insurance with 'insure the box' as it came as the cheapest quote 2 years back. They fit a 'black box' in your vehicle which monitors you driving quality, type of roads etc etc and gives a renewal quote based on these figures. i was really surprised when my renewal cam up it was ?200 cheaper than any other quote i received. I would certainly recommend this insurance to those who drive carefully and drive less than 6000 miles a year. Their website give full driving history and its really easy to use.

For a careful, run of the mill low mileage driver tthey're a shoe in
The box in the car...if that sort of thing worries you.
Recommended by littlelamb

I was dreading the annual car insurance reminder. There had been enough scare stories in the press so I was fearing the worst. Each year my then current insurer's rates go up and I sit down in front of the computer screen to search for the best quotes.

Frankly I was getting nowhere. Every insurer was either more, much more or about the same as my current insurer's quote; and that I thought was painful.

Then I came across "Insure the Box". The rate was significantly less than any of the competitors. "There must be a catch." I thought. So I did a bit more digging.

OK, I have to have a box installed in the car (it's free and fitted free). This tracks your journeys, the time of day you drive and most importantly how you drive. Some people might think Big Brother but I thought "That's neat; especially as they'll track you're car if it's stolen and notify the police!"

Your insurance quote is based on a yearly mileage of 6,000 miles. If you drive more in a year you can top up your miles; and you can earn bonuses (and be given penalties!) depending on how and when you drive.

Since I drive less than 6,000 miles, I don't drive much at night and I never burn my tyres - I'm a plain, ordinary steady driver. Their ideal customer!

Customer service. Fantastic. A while back I ran over a curb - I'd just taken the cat to the vet and I was distraught and distracted. No damage, just a bump.

About 5 mins after I got home, the phone rang. It was the insurers. "Are you alright?" I was asked. "Yes" , I replied. "Good", the quiet voice at the other end continued " We'd registered a jolt and were just checking that you hadn't had an accident. Have a pleasent evening."


Bad all round

We made a claim as some punk decided to steal and burn a car which was next to our car. Insure the box decised to still make us responsible as they couldn't be bothered to investigate furthur. They were absolutely useless. They were incompetant and could not even give us updates, had to keep telling our story all over again. If you know what's good for you then DO NOT get insured with these guys!!! Rubish!!

Unfair cancellation charges at end of term.

After year end, took money off our card - wouldn't refund what's rightly our money! Called them. They refunded most besides over £100 which they retained for themeselves for 'cancellation charges'.
This is despite being with them for 2 full years. They are ever oh so polite and friendly when it comes to selling the policy. After that - sorry mate, nothing doing.