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Very swift and helpful
Recommended by anitask19

After reading awful reviews on Go Girl insurance we were very dubious. However it was the cheapest around and we went for it. All dealings we have had with Go Girl have been very swift and professional.

by sjp57, 1 month ago
not enough space

They seems to take your money then come up with a reason to ask for more, valid or not ! They have just told my son in law they gave him a £500 discount because he had owned his car for 12 months even though this was his first insurance ! Having worked in insurance for over 20yrs this is a first for me. Now they have me and the FOC to deal with.

Incredibly frustrating customer service; hidden costs and charges

I would like to report a complaint with regards to the car insurance premium that I held with Go Girl Insurance. I booked the insurance on the 10th of January (I would like to note here that I tried booking with my credit card, however Go Girl insurance refused each of these attempts of payment with an e-mail saying that they unfortunately were not able to take my application further - therefore I didn't have the protection that a credit card ensues). I finalised my policy by paying with a debit card. Once I received my documents I noticed that I was required to provide paperwork that I had never been requested by any previous car insurer and I queried taking one named driver off the policy as it would take time for their counterpart license to be re-sent (this was sent on the 15th of January). I received a reply the same day that this would cost an additional £50.00. I then decided to speak to the customer services team to find out why I needed to provide this paperwork and spoke to one of the Go Girl advisers who told me that all I needed to provide was my No Claims Bonus which I promptly e-mailed on the 16th of January. The next correspondence I received was on the 8th of February claiming that Go Girl insurance still had not received the required documentation for my insurance and that my claim may be cancelled. It was also added that my vehicle log book would be required. What followed was an exchange of e-mails of me asking why this was required and why I have been told different things by different advisers. Please note that each reply I had was from a completely different adviser. One of the last e-mails I received stated that "we became aware that we required further documentation".
I lost all confidence in this company and that should anything happen that they would provide adequate cover if I needed to make a claim and therefore decided to cancel my policy. This itself was a timely task - I fifteen minutes on the phone trying to cancel my policy - the first time the phone was put down; the second I was on hold for 10 minutes - where my record couldn't be found before I was told in order to cancel a policy I have to do so by e-mail. Not only did one of the advisers breach data protection laws and told me the name of another customer who had the same reference number as myself, but I was also told to make sure that I don't hit reply to one of the customer service emails because these aren't always picked up.
I feel incredibly frustrated with the situation because as a result of not receiving any correspondence until the 8th of February, I missed the "reflection period" of 14 days whereby I could have cancelled my policy with a £70 charge. Instead, I have been charged 50% of what I paid - £129. Throughout this period I have not had confidence that I have been driving an insured vehicle. I will send all the e-mail correspondence should you wish to see it .
I am extremely disappointed with the service that I have received and for the mixed messages that I have received from the Go Girl insurance customer services team. This has caused me considerable stress in trying to resolve this issue and I feel that this has been an unjust situation.

The only positive is the low premium amount
Awful customer service, scam customers out of their money!

I would like to share my experience with go girl. I ordered go girl insurance as it offered a considerably cheaper premium compared to other companies and this was an expensive mistake to make. Go Girl contacted me asking me for more documentation - asking for all driving licenses and proof of no claims bonus, I spoke with one of their advisers who said that all I needed to send was no claims bonus. I promptly did this. Go Girl insurance then contacted me a month later, after the cooling off period, demanding more documents including my vehicle log book. I have never had to provide such documentation for other companies that I have had car insurance with and questioned why this was the case. Go Girl was not able to give me an answer aside from "it came to our attention that we required more information". I spoke with many different advisers all saying different things and decided to cancel this insurance because I lost confidence in how reputable this company may be and how difficult they would be should I ever be in an accident. I was only refunded 50% of what I paid. This is a scam that appears to have happened to many other people - this is how they make their money by making sure they contact you after this period. I am so angry that this has happened and want to make sure that the word is out.

Rude irresponsible lying and unprofessional. Do not use by any means.

They basically cancelled my insurance because I had got the date of car purchase wrong by a couple of weeks - didn't bother to phone me (they said they did and blamed me for giving them a wrong number - ABSOLUTE LIES) and I did not get to see my emails till evening when I had already been driving around all day for my work. If I had got caught I could have got a criminal record PLUS lose my job.