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very friendly, helpful and understanding staff
the courtesy car company recommended were terrible
Recommended by charl33

I took out budget car insurance for one year as it was the cheapest car insurance i could find as myself as the only named driver for third party fire and theft.

Unfortunately I was involved in an accident which wasnt my fault and as I had never been in an accident before I was apprehensive about calling my insurance and unsure of the process to follow.

I called budget imminently on the number they had sent out to me and asked to save in my phone (very useful as i always lose letters so as I had followed this prompt I was very greatful when I came to need it)

When I rang the people at budget were very friendly and caring and seamed concerned about my health and safety as a priority. They were always at the end of the phone when I needed them and could answer all my questions giving me reliable advice.

I was provided with a courtesy car the same day which I had use of until my claim came through at no extra cost (the courtesy car company were not great however were a separate company which budget recommended but you were not obliged to use).

In all a good experience

Customer service

I have been with budget car insurance for I don't know how long and just before Christmas they renewed my account with them without asking, not only that but budget have set a certain date for my direct debits to come out! So i make sure money is there for them but when they take the money from my account LATE they then charge me ?25 and I also get charged from my bank and although I have contacted them on many occasions they will not pay the money back or even try to help.
I am very upset with the company and hope everything sorts itself out soon as it is just costing to much to run a car