Unfortunately, along with the excitement comes the financial burden of having to find teen car insurance, a product which can be excruciatingly expensive.
The bad news is that when it comes to car insurance teens are seen as a high risk and it's never going to be a cheap endeavour. The good news is that it is possible to find affordable car insurance for teenagers if you know how to go about it.
We run through some of the top teenage car insurance tips and look at how you can find the cheapest way to insure a teenage driver.

How NOT to get cheap car insurance for teenagers

Before we take a look at some of the ways in which you can find cheap car insurance for teens, it's worth pausing for a moment to highlight a practice which is highly illegal and could end up with your teen being convicted for driving without insurance.
In order to find lower car insurance for teenagers, some parents may volunteer to be named on the policy too. This is fine providing they are listed as an additional driver and in some cases it may well mean you can get the best car insurance for teenagers at a reduced price.
However, if the teen is the main driver they must be listed as such on the policy. Having the insurance taken out by a parent or other person and simply listing the teenager as an additional driver - when in fact they are the main driver - is an illegal practice known as fronting.
In the past, fronting was frequently adopted in order to get the cheapest car insurance for teens because not everyone was aware it is illegal. Not only will the insurance be made void but the teenage driver could end up with a conviction for driving without insurance which, quite apart from anything else, will make it difficult and unbelievably expensive when they try to take out a new policy in their own name.
When looking for car insurance for teenagers divorced parents may not realise the other one is taking out the cover. Having a car insured twice is another illegal practice which could land you in hot water with insurers so it's imperative you check with your ex-partner before setting up a policy.

How to carry out a teenage car insurance comparison

Before you start to compare car insurance for teenagers prices it's worth considering what steps you can take to reduce the cost.
The best car insurance companies for teenagers are not looking to hike up the cost for no reason; they are reflecting the risk that the young driver presents on the road. Statistically, a fifth of drivers will be involved in a crash during their first year on the road.
However, if you encourage your teen driver to take some extra lessons to counteract their relative lack of experience you may find that the best car insurer for teenagers takes this into account and slices a chunk off the cost. The Pass Plus course is an advanced driving set of lessons which many insurers are willing to take into account.
Finding a car in a low insurance group, preferably without modifications, with a small engine size and installing safety devices such as steering locks and an approved immobiliser will also help to keep the costs down.
Not all companies are willing to give discounts, but the best insurance teens providers treat the driver as an individual not a statistic. Other things you might want to suggest in order to cut costs include a limited mileage or only driving at certain times of the day. Again, not all insurers are willing to discount for this - but some will so it's always worth shopping around.

New gender rules for insurance

One final word on car insurance for teenage girls: it is more expensive that it used to be.
This is because of the EU Gender Directive which became law in the UK on 21 December 2012. This directive makes it illegal for insurers to offer different rates based on gender. Statistically, girls have a lower accident risk than male drivers so until this law was brought in, insurance was cheaper for females of any age, but particularly younger drivers.
This is now no longer the case and insurers charge the same premium for both males and females.