However, car insurance for 18 year old drivers is particularly expensive, partly because of the lack of experience on the road and partly because statistically they are far more likely to have an accident than any other motorist.

Cheap car insurance for 18 year olds is a relative thing but it is possible to slice a large chunk off the premium if you know what insurers are looking for. We take a look at the steps you can take to shrink the cost of car insurance for female or male drivers without compromising the quality of cover.

What is the cheapest car insurance for 18 year olds?

The very crux of the matter is the cost of insurance for teenage drivers. At 18 car insurance won't be cheap especially as the maximum possible no claims discount you could have is just one year.

Although you might want to know how to find the cheapest car insurance for 18 year old drivers, unfortunately there is no single answer. There are many ways to lower the overall cost, but each 18 year old car insurance quotes depend on the individual.

We will now take a look at some options you might want to consider, all of which will lower the average car insurance for 18 year old drivers.

The cheapest way to get car insurance for 18 year olds

If you are looking for cheap car insurance 18 year old drivers may need to take some additional measures to reduce the premium.

One of the issues car insurers have with young drivers is their relative lack of experience. Taking a Pass Plus course can help negate this and offer a cheap way to get car insurance for.

Another option worth considering is telemetric car insurance; this used to be known as black box insurance. If your teen is a careful driver, this can be the best car insurance for 18 year olds. The box records the way the car is driven, the speed, the time of day or night when the most driving is done and calculates the premium based on the assessment. A very high-tech option but one which is becoming increasingly common.

Of course, the usual factors apply too: buy a car in a low insurance group, which has a small engine and is eco-friendly, don't add any modifications and take additional security measures such as adding an approved immobiliser and steering lock. Keeping the car in a garage or on a secure drive can also help to push down the cost.

If you aren't sure how much difference these various factors will make, compare insurance and look at the quotes on offer. This will help you decide whether it's worth paying for the improvements.

Why car insurance for 18 year old male drivers is cheaper than ever before

Young males have a reputation for being quoted the most expensive car insurance rates but this is no longer the case. Whilst they still remain statistically in the highest risk group of drivers, an EU Directive means that insurers can no longer discriminate based on gender.

Car insurance for 18 year old boy drivers is now equivalent to an 18 year old female driver; the law now states insurers cannot offer different rates based on gender alone.

This means that cheap car insurance for 18 year old boys is now much easier to obtain whilst the cost of car insurance 18 year old female drivers has typically gone up.