How to find a supplier

Narrowing down your list of possible suppliers will save you a lot of time and effort, so start by checking:

  • Which energy providers supply your area

  • The type of business each company can supply

  • The size of business each company can supply

Some suppliers only offer their best tariffs to small or medium sized businesses, while others specialise in those with higher energy consumption.

Think about what you need, and choose a supplier that can offer this at the best price.

Find the best tariff

To get the best business gas tariff for your company, you should think about:

  • Your energy needs

  • Term of the contract

  • Total cost, including standing charges

  • How the account is managed

If you expect your energy consumption to grow dramatically in the future, a short term contract might be your best option. The rates may be higher, but you have flexibility to switch.

You should also check if each tariff lets you add new premises, or move your main business address.

The best gas prices for commercial property will partly depend on how many locations you have, or even how many meters you need to run.

Can you switch supplier?

Did you know?

Your supplier must contact you at least 60 days prior to the end of your existing contract, so you should have at least two months to find the best deal.

Yes, but only if you have come to the end of your contract.

Most business gas is offered as a fixed contract, so even if gas wholesale prices change your tariff will stay with same.

This makes it even more important to get the right deal for your company, whatever its size and energy consumption.

You are often allowed to sign your renewed energy contract up to four months in advance, so use that time to shop around and find the best deal.

Terms and conditions

You should always check the specific terms and conditions attached to each tariff, such as flexibility to add properties and account management.

This could include online or paper billing, payment type (e.g. direct debit) and applicable dual fuel options.

Once you've established your company's energy needs, use our business gas comparison to find the best deal.