As commercial gas tariffs tend to be offered as fixed price, fixed term contracts, it's vital that you choose the right deal when the opportunity comes up to renew or switch business gas supplier.

You'll need to be on the ball, do your research and notify an existing supplier in advance if you want to switch companies or tariffs, so it really pays to shop around beforehand.

For smaller businesses particularly, comparing business gas suppliers no standing charge tariffs can help you get the best prices as they save you overpaying for days when you use little or no energy.

However, you'll need to consider a range of key features beyond simply price to get the best deal:

Which energy suppliers service your area

To find the best business gas tariff no standing charge for your company you should first filter out any companies who can't offer a no standing charge tariff in your area. Also exclude any who can't supply a company of your size and/or type.

The length of contract that will work best for you

Consider your current energy consumption, whether you expect that to change in the near future, and by how much.

If you do, a short term contract might be best so you can then upgrade when you need to. Long term contracts tend to offer cheaper business gas rates, but you'll be tied-in for longer.

The price you'll pay per unit

Tariffs for business gas no standing charge mean there is no daily fee, payable for your energy supply. So regardless of how much gas you actually use, you simply pay the per unit price for you business gas.

This means a gas tariff with no standing charge can be ideal for temporary, seasonal or low consumption businesses.

You can use our business gas table to compare no standing charge business gas prices, and make sure you take into account where and when you use the energy, too.

However, standing charges can cost anything from 5p to 1 per day and often entail slightly cheaper per unit prices, so it's still worth checking a number of standard tariffs too and going with the option that works out cheapest overall for the amount of energy you use.

Our guide How to Compare Online Gas Suppliers has more information you should know.