Good quality broadband allows you to access the internet quickly and easily, letting you watch or download music, TV shows or movies at the click of a mouse. And, with hundreds of channels available, more and more people are turning to TV packages as a way of increasing their viewing choice.

If you're looking for both broadband and a television package it can often be worth considering broadband and TV deals.

The advantages of buying broadband and TV packages

There are several reasons why you should consider TV and broadband deals - sometimes called 'broadband bundles'.

Firstly, if you are buying both TV and broadband through the same provider, you can often benefit from a lower price. Providers often offer discounts if you buy both services as part of a 'bundle' and it's a great way of finding the best broadband TV deals.

Secondly, if the same provider supplies both your broadband and TV, it makes it easier to get in touch with them if you have any issues. You'll have one direct debit and one point of contact should you have questions or if you need technical help.

What to look for when you compare broadband and TV packages

When you compare broadband and TV packages you should take the following into account:

  • Broadband download speed Generally speaking, the faster the speed the better, particularly if you are planning to watch or download TV and movies from the web.

  • Broadband download limitThis measures how much information you will be allowed to access online every month. Unlimited packages are great for regular web users but you may find it cheaper to go for a limited package if you are a light internet user.

  • Length of contractHow long do the internet and TV deals you're looking at commit you for? Will you need to pay a penalty if you want to leave?

  • Costs What is the monthly subscription cost? Are there any set up costs? How much will you end up paying in total over the first year?

  • TV channels Which TV channels are included in your package? Are they the ones you want to watch? Are there additional sports or movies packages that you can subscribe to? What's the additional cost?

What do you get in television packages?

Most digital TV offers come with a range of TV channels in the following categories: entertainment, movies, sport, music, kids TV, history and documentaries.
It's worth working out which of these channel types you're most likely to watch most before you start your TV package comparison. Decide if there are any particular channels you want included as well.
Virgin's packages are based on how many channels they offer, named after their size, with options ranging from Medium to Large and XL.
Sky TV bundles also come with different ranges of channels; the TV packages with more channels are more expensive.
There aren't many TV packages with Sky Sports, movies and other specialist channels included as standard. Generally these are extras that can be added to TV package deals at a higher monthly cost.
Sky Sports and BT Sports channels can either be added individually, in packages of all of the sports channels or even bundled in with the movie channels as well.
You can pay extra again to get HD versions of sports and movie channels. You'll also need to pay more for any pay per view sports events and films you watch.

Choose the best TV and broadband bundle

The cheapest TV broadband packages are likely to be those that offer a reasonable download speed, a download limit and a limited number of digital channels. However, there's no point in going for the cheapest option if it doesn't meet your requirements.

So, when you compare broadband and TV packages, make sure that you find a 'bundle' that does exactly what you want it to do - even if that means you pay a little extra every month.