You could save money by combining your TV and broadband in an entertainment bundle.

Think about what you need from your TV package, because there are a range of options available:

  • Freeview, HD and radio channels

  • Premium channels for sports and movies

  • Options to record TV

  • Ability to pause and rewind live TV

  • Catch up services like BBC iPlayer

  • Inclusive apps to watch TV on the go

You also need to think about what you need from your broadband service. Here is our guide on how to get the best broadband package.

How to find the best deal

Use our comparison to look at as many products as possible and check:

  • Monthly cost: Your monthly bill includes the cost of your TV and broadband package, along with line rental charges. You may also have to pay one off costs for things like setup and installation, or equipment like your router or set-top box.

  • Download limit: Most TV and broadband packages offer unlimited broadband, so you can stream catch up services without restriction. However, you could save money with a lower data limit, our guide to data limits has more information.

  • Speed: This is measured in megabits (Mb) and you should try to get the fastest speed you can, as it affects how quickly you do things online. Broadband speeds vary based on where you live, so use the Ofcom website to see what is available in your area.

Look for a package you can afford that offers you the broadband speed and download limits you need.

TV and broadband FAQs


What do I need to get my broadband and TV set up?


You need a wireless router and a working phone line for your broadband. You also need a TV set-top box, which your provider will supply with your router.


Can I add a home phone or mobile to my bundle?


Yes, you can combine these services as part of a quad-play package. Check out our comparison for a list of the best quad-play deals.


Is it cheaper to get a TV and broadband package?


If you need both services, you could save money with a bundle. However, if you only need broadband, then a broadband only package may be cheaper.


Can I customise my TV and broadband package?


Yes, most suppliers let you add different TV bundles to your broadband package so you can tailor your service to suit you.


Do I have to pay line rental?


Yes, even if you do not need a home phone you need to pay for a working phone line to get broadband. Compare broadband without a phone line here.


Which supplier should I choose?


This depends on what you need from your package, as different providers offer unique deals. Check reviews of the providers we compare here.