If you need all the services a quad-play package offers, you could save money by combining them in a bundle which usually includes:

  1. Broadband

  2. Digital TV

  3. Home phone

  4. Mobile SIM

Will you save money with quad-play?

Yes, if you use all of the services in a quad-play deal, it is cheaper than paying for everything separately.

However, you should think about whether you need all of the services included to avoid paying unnecessary costs for services you do not need.

For example, if you do not need a mobile SIM, you can compare TV, broadband and phone deals on our comparison page.

How can you find the best deal?

You should look at as many products as possible using our comparison:

  • Monthly cost: This includes the cost of your service, along with line rental and any upfront costs. Look for introductory offers and think about whether the combined cost of all four services saves you money.

  • Broadband speed: Most quad-play packages offer higher broadband speeds which lets you use TV catch up services without interruption. Check what speeds are available in your area on the Ofcom website.

  • Download limit: All of the quad-play packages we compare in our table offer unlimited or truly unlimited data. Check fair usage policies if you choose an unlimited deal, as your speed could be affected at certain times of day if you are a heavy user.

  • Calls included: Check to see whether your phone package includes anytime calls, or whether you only have free calls at evenings and weekends. You should also check to see what is included in the mobile tariff.

Quad-play FAQs


What is quad-play?


It is a combined digital package that includes broadband, home phone, digital TV and mobile.


Is it cheaper to combine my services in a quad-play package?


Yes, but only if you are going to make use of all the services. Otherwise, you could end up paying unnecessary costs for a package you do not need.


What TV channels will I get with quad-play?


This depends on what your individual supplier offers as part of their package, so check the terms and conditions on their website before you buy.


Does quad-play include free mobile data?


Most suppliers charge extra each month for inclusive calls, texts and data and you can select a tariff to suit your usage.


Why do I have to pay line rental?


Quad-play deals include broadband and phone services, which operate over the BT phone network. Line rental covers the cost of using your phone line.