If you want to avoid being tied into a lengthy broadband contract, looking for no contract broadband deals is likely to be the only way for you to get online.

Here's how to compare pay as you go broadband packages that give you the freedom to cancel at any time, so you don't end up paying more than you have to.

Why opt for a no contract deal?

If you need the flexibility to cancel your broadband deal, switch provider or simply change your download limits and package at short notice, payg broadband could be the ideal choice.

However, while no contract internet deals offer great flexibility, event the cheapest broadband with no contract offers are unlikely to be able to match the price of the cheapest long term broadband package.

This means that if you are happy to sign up for a monthly broadband contract and are unlikely to need to cancel or switch deals, you could save money by looking for a standard broadband package.

Look for a package that meets your needs

After deciding that you want to apply for a pay as you go broadband deal you will need to work out what you need from your package.

The main factors you will need to consider are the monthly download limit and the connection speed.

How much time you spend online, whether you just check emails and shop, or stream live TV and play games will all impact the download limit and connection speed you'll need.

For more help deciding which limits you should go for read our guides What Broadband Download Limit Do I Need? and What Broadband Speed is Right for You?

Compare prices

A big part of finding the best no contract broadband deals is comparing the costs of each package.

You can compare the various broadband pay as you go deals and their costs side by side using our no contract broadband comparison table.

Narrow your options to the broadband providers that offer packages that meet your requirements then apply for the option that will cost you least.