Combining your broadband and phone services could save you money, especially if your package comes with free calls.

The cheapest deal may not be the best, so find one that offers everything you need by using our comparison to check:

  • Calls: Some packages include free anytime calls, others only offer free calls at certain times. Consider if you need free calls to UK landlines, mobiles, or international calls.

  • Broadband speed: Measured in megabits (Mb), this affects how quickly you do things online. Check what speeds are available where you live on the Ofcom website.

  • Download limit: Choose a download limit (GB) based on your monthly usage. Read our guide to data limits for more information on choosing the right package.

Save with a longer contract

Most providers offer a monthly discount for taking out a long term contract, and some may also waive up front charges.

Make sure you are happy to stay with the same supplier for the duration of your contract, otherwise you could face charges if you leave your contract early.

Check for other costs

You may get free calls included in the cost of your package, but you will still have to pay:

  • The fixed monthly cost for your broadband and inclusive calls

  • Monthly line rental for use of your phone line

  • Potential up front charges for installation and equipment

You may also be charged for calls longer than 60 minutes, but if you hang up and redial after the first hour you can avoid paying extra.

You can use our comparison to compare the cost of broadband with free calls and find a deal that is right for you.

Free phone call broadband FAQs


Will I save money by getting free calls with my broadband?


Yes, if you regularly make calls from your landline phone.


What free calls are included in the cost of my package?


Most packages include free evening and weekend calls. You can also get free anytime calls, calls to mobiles, and international calls with some deals.


Why do I have to pay an up-front cost?


This covers the cost of setup and installation. It may also include the cost of an engineer to activate your phone line, and equipment like your router.


Will I get unlimited calls with an unlimited broadband package?


Most unlimited packages include both, but you should check with the individual supplier.


What is a fair usage policy?


It applies if you have unlimited broadband or inclusive anytime calls, and prevents excessive use of your internet data or call allowance.