Fibre optic broadband promises ultra-fast download speeds and a consistent, reliable internet connection.

However, with prices higher than standard ADSL broadband, it's vital to get the best fibre optic broadband UK deal you can.

Here's how to compare fibre broadband packages to find the best connection speeds possible in your area and cheapest package for your circumstances.

Check your postcode

Before you get your heart set on super-fast fibre optic broadband you should make sure you live in an area where you can get it.

Unfortunately fibre optic broadband availability is still limited to major cities and towns, with many rural areas still waiting to get connected.

The easiest way to find out if you live in an area with fibre optic broadband coverage is to use a fibre optic broadband checker, because this will give you an instant answer as to whether it's available where you live yet.

What download speeds & limits?

Once you've used a fibre broadband checker to make sure can get fibre optic broadband you can begin looking for the best deal.

The draw of fibre broadband is that it offers access to faster download speeds when compared to traditional ADSL broadband.

As with standard broadband deals, fibre broadband packages place different limits on the maximum speed they'll give you access to. The faster the maximum speed, the more you'll generally pay, so you'll need to decide whether a fast internet connection is good enough or if you'll need super fast broadband instead.

However speeds can still vary, so if you're a heavy internet user, plan on downloading or streaming videos or playing online games you'll need to make sure that your download speed is up to the task.

Equally you'll need to compare fibre optic broadband deals to make sure each has a suitable download limit to avoid having your connection interrupted or incurring additional charges.

How long will you commit?

Given the cost of installing your fibre optic broadband connection, most providers will require you to sign up to a fixed term contract for at least 12 months.

However, if you know that you're unlikely to move or want to switch providers you may get a cheap fibre optic broadband deal by opting for a longer contract.

Weigh up how much flexibility you need and opt for a contract length that meets your needs.

Check the price

Once you've established what you need from your fibre optic broadband package you can start looking for the cheapest deal on the market.

The easiest way to do this is compare the cost of each fibre optic deal over the first year.

This way you'll get a like for like picture of the total cost including connection fees and any introductory discounts.

You'll also need to think about whether you'll want landline calls bundled with your package, find out whether you'll have to move your line rental to your new provider and if so at what cost, and factor this into your calculations.

If not, just compare the individual cost of line rental and broadband, something especially useful if you're looking for fibre optic broadband only deals.

You should also check the fibre broadband installation cost before you sign up to avoid having to fork out hundreds of pounds to get your broadband set up.

Use our fibre broadband comparison table to compare the prices of all fibre optic broadband deals side by side.

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