Getting the best broadband speed makes all the difference when it comes to the quality of your service, but you need to think about cost and what is available where you live too.

Use our postcode checker to find the fastest broadband where you live and compare:

  • Download speed: This is measured in megabits (Mb) and the faster your download speed, the quicker you can access things online. Check average speeds in your area and your supplier's minimum guaranteed access line speed (MGALS) before you buy.

  • Download limit: This affects how much you can use the internet each month, so look for a package that lets you get the most from your broadband. Read our guide to data limits for more information.

  • Traffic management policy: Suppliers may restrict your speed at peak times to control heavy internet usage. Consider a truly unlimited package to avoid speed caps.

Consider fibre broadband

Fibre can offer the fastest possible connection if it is available where you live.

Fibre uses optic cables that run separately from the phone network. This results in faster broadband that lets you download large files more quickly.

However, fibre is more expensive than regular broadband and coverage is less widespread. Check our comparison to see if you can get fibre broadband where you live.

Is fibre your only option?

You could still access high speed ADSL broadband if fibre is not available where you live.

While standard ADSL will not match the superfast connectivity of fibre, it can still reach speeds of up to 16 Mb. This lets you download a song in less than three seconds.

Ofcom's broadband coverage checker lets you see what speeds are available in your area.

Fastest broadband FAQs


Will I get the maximum broadband speed advertised?


Not always, broadband suppliers only have to give 10% of their customers with the highest speeds advertised.


Can I get fibre broadband where I live?


You may not have access yet but you can use Ofcom's coverage checker to see what broadband is available in your area.


What is MGALS?


It is the minimum guaranteed access line speed your supplier can offer, and you may be able to cancel your contract for free if you do not get it.


What is a traffic management policy?


It is used by some suppliers to prevent excessive data usage at peak times, like evenings and weekends. It usually only applies to unlimited packages.


Will an unlimited download allowance give me faster broadband?


No, it will not affect your connection speed but it will provide you with an unrestricted data allowance.