The majority of the UK's broadband providers use BT's copper telephone wires; this means even if you don't pay BT for line rental, you'll need to pay somebody else for it.

However, if you don't use your home landline all that much then it might be an unnecessary expense.

You might just want to stick with your current line rental deal. In this case separate broadband without a phone line may be your best alternative.

What are your options for broadband without phone line rental? If you want cheap broadband without phone line fees you'll need to choose from cable broadband, ADSL broadband-only deals (paying someone else for line rental), or mobile broadband:

1. Cable broadband only deals no phone line

Cable broadband doesn't use standard copper telephone wires so you don't pay the traditional line rental, however you'll still be charged a line rental equivalent based on your chosen deal.

2. ADSL broadband only deals

ADSL broadband offers some of the cheapest internet packages even counting line rental; however it can sometimes be cheaper to choose different providers for your line rental and home internet packages.

In this case you'll need to take into account both costs to get the cheapest broadband only no phone line deals. Always compare the overall first-year prices to see which deal works out best for you.

3. Mobile broadband

The cheapest broadband without phone line costs tends to be through mobile internet dongles, although these usually offer lower download limits, slower speeds and possibly worse signal.

Mobile internet relies on USB sticks that receive a wireless 3G signal, and to get the best deal you'll need to consider their network coverage; what download limit you want; the contract length; and the price.

Use our just broadband no phone line comparison to prioritise the features offered and exclude providers who can't match your needs or who don't offer broadband only deals in your local area.

If you narrow your search down to the best packages before comparing price (remember to take into consideration the download limits and speeds you'll need), you can get cheap broadband without switching phone line and at the best possible price.