If you have no use for a phone line, there are alternatives to phone and broadband bundles, although getting rid of your home phone may not save as much money as you might expect.

What are your options?

There are three main alternatives to broadband with a phone line:

  • Superfast fibre broadband is supplied over an independent fibre optic cable network, so there is no need for a phone line. It is more expensive than standard ADSL broadband but download speeds are much faster.

  • Mobile or 4G broadband connects to the internet using your mobile phone signal. You will need a USB dongle, a SIM card or a mobile internet device to get online. It can be one of the cheapest types of broadband but data limits and speed are restricted.

  • Satellite is mainly used in rural areas with poor access to traditional broadband. Internet signal is beamed from a satellite to a dish fitted to your home. Speed and connectivity is variable and setup is more expensive than other types of broadband.

Which supplier should you choose?

When looking for a broadband provider you should consider:

Check for hidden line rental charges

  • You can get traditional ADSL broadband without a phone package, but you will still have to pay line rental because it is supplied over the BT phone network

  • Most fibre suppliers only offer the services as part of a phone and broadband package, so you will still have to pay for the cost of a landline

Bundles might be cheaper

You might still save money by combining your phone and broadband as a bundle, even if you can do without a home phone.

Most ADSL and fibre suppliers offer a basic phone and broadband deal, usually at a promotional price.

You can compare phone and broadband packages using our comparison table.

Broadband without a phone line FAQs


Will my broadband be faster without a phone line?


It depends which type of broadband you opt for. Fibre offers faster speed than standard broadband, but satellite and mobile are usually slower.


What is line rental?


This is a set monthly cost for use of the phone line that supplies your broadband. It will be added to the monthly cost of your package.


Can I get broadband without paying line rental?


Yes, if you get broadband that does not require an active phone line, like fibre or mobile.


Can I get fibre without a phone line?


Yes, but it will depend on availability in your area. You can check to see if fibre is supplied where you live on the Openreach website.


What is a dongle?


A USB device which connects to your computer or laptop to provide you with internet access over a mobile network.


How long will my contract last?


This will vary between suppliers but typically your contract will last 12 months. Our comparison table shows the contract length of each package.