If you make a lot of overseas calls, you can get a broadband and phone package that includes free international calls.

Use our comparison to find the best deal, and think about:

  • What calls are included: Calls abroad are usually free for the first 60 minutes, but you can hang up and redial to avoid extra charges. You may also get free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, but calls to mobiles abroad may be excluded.

  • Getting the best broadband speed: Your internet speed affects the quality of your connection, so get the fastest broadband you can. Check Ofcom's website for average speeds in your area, to avoid paying for a service that is not provided where you live.

  • Finding the right download limit: Many bundles come with unlimited broadband but you with the individual supplier for data limits and restrictions to your usage. Read our guide to data limits for more information.

You should also check line rental charges and any up front costs you may have to pay for setup or installation.

Does broadband with international calls cost more?

Yes, but if you regularly make calls to countries outside the UK you could save long term.

While international calls will be included in the cost of your package, you should factor in additional costs like line rental and up front charges when comparing total monthly cost.

Is it worth it?

Yes, because calls abroad cost more per minute than calls to UK landlines.

If you only make overseas calls occasionally you may be paying extra for a service you do not need.

In this case, you would be better off paying more for faster broadband so you can take advantage of free video calling services, like Skype or Apple FaceTime.

Broadband with international calls FAQs


Which countries can I call?


Packages typically include calls to Australia, the US, Canada, Europe and parts of Asia. You should check which countries you can call with your supplier.


Will I get free calls to mobiles outside the UK?


No, but you may get free calls to mobiles in the UK. Your supplier may also let you add calls to mobiles abroad to your package for an added cost.


Can I get unlimited international calls?


Yes, some providers offer unlimited calls in their packages. You may be capped after the first hour, so hang up and redial to avoid extra charges.


Can I make free calls using the internet?


Yes, if you and the person you call are online. You will still be charged for calls to landlines or mobiles.


What is line rental?


The monthly cost you pay for use of a phone line at your home. You pay this with broadband supplied over a phone line, even if you do not use calls.